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  • Did think I would but turned out Really a Great Show

    I thought this was going to be another D A lawyer show like Frungle & Bish or that other one with the chick as mediator but " Suits " is the Real Deal. Always liked fast moving and thought provoking TV shows rather than the sexist, goofy and just plain out and out stupid stuff that is on these days. Summertime really brings out the weird new shows but hey, give everybody a shot ya never know. I thought the acting was well done along with the story, direction and the locations. I'am not real sure if I like Gina Torres' character orhow she portrayed it but perhaps she & it will develop. The rest of the cast are just fine and I hope this show will make it back for several seasons.
  • A legal team of one senior member and his assoicate, the difference between the two. Only one has a degree. How does this legal show stack up against Franklin and Bash or Fairly Legal?

    What do you get when you combine the smarts of Shawn Spencer form Psych, with the charm and cunning of Michael Weston from Burn Notice. Their exact copies as lawyers. In the first episode we meet Harvey Specter a no nonsene attorney who is known for closing any sort of deal. In the first thirty minutes we see him subdue a stubbon client through lying and taking home a waitress who challenged him by saying nothing was going to happen. He reminds me alot of Michael Westen. Both characters are cool and collected who will use any trick in the book to win any case. We also meet Mike Ross, a man with photographic memory. Who was forced out of college for a dumb mistake. About ready to make another one he stumbles into Harvey Specter's assoicate interviews and after explaining his life to Harvey gets hired on as his new assoicate. This character reminds me a bit like Shawn Spencer, they both have the same unique talent and use it to get out of messes. Mike is more shy, and damaged. He is damaged because of the choices he was forced to make and the struggle he is having with his ill grandmother. This show focuses more on the drama and not the comedy. There is alot of smart dialoge and good chemistry between the two main stars. However I did find the chemistry between the main stars and other characters a bit lacking. Gina Torres makes her well deserved welcome back to TV as Harvey's boss, Jessica Pearson. She is more of a plot point than an actual character. Hopefully they will give her a character specific episode where they build more on her. The paralegal Rachel Zane also was a bit sketchy for me. She starts the episode sort of rude and annoying, then within thirty minutes, warm and kind. This show also features the great Rick Hoffman, playing the same character Rick Hoffman always plays. This version is Louis Litt who is the main rival of Harvey. For the first episode in general.
    +Great writing. Especially the dialoge between Harvey and Mike. +Good character growth. Even though this is only one episode, you can tell how much Mike has grown a bit. Here's to the rest of the season showing him keep on growing as a person and lawyer. +/- The plot is alright for this episode. You can tell they meant to make this a regular length episode then they had to turn around and add scenes. Some scenes made no sense and wans't neeed some scenes fit perfectly. This show isn't a 90 minute show. So if you are reviewing the show thinking that every episode is going to be this slow, you may have reviewed too early. - The pacing of the first episode was off. However as I said this was a longer episode than usual. - Character relationships. The only characters that seemed to click together with chemistry was Harvey and Mike. Here's to hoping this gets fixed in later episodes. I rate the first episode a seven. However I have hope that this series will grow and get better. I find it more interesting than Fairly Legal and it is definitely funnier than Bash. I gave this episode an 8.5
  • We thought this show was really good! Sharp writing, good acting, fast paced and well written. We will definitely continue to watch and enjoy. Set it to auto record we liked it so much

    Great show, interesting fast paced episodes. Good chemistry between two main characters. Look forward to watching every week. My husband generally dislikes lawyer shows but was pleasantly surprised at how much he likes this one (and Franklin & Bash, too). Hope they ordered a lot of episodes and we're not short changed with only 6. Don't know who the writers are but they are excellent as are the actors. So far this is a 9 out of 10 for us. We now have one more summer show to enjoy, summer seems to have more to offer than prime time season lately.
  • Suits, a show about the exceptional underdog growing up and kicking butt legal style.

    Honestly I am just glad this isn't Fairly Legal with a male character. I've been wishing a show would come around that was less Raising the Bar or Eli Stone, and more Damages and Boston Legal. Or scratch all that and go pure dark side with a Breaking Bad-esque legal show.

    If only producers would stop crafting caring stories for every kind of out of luck character they can think of, and instead create a gritty throw out all the rules legal drama.

    Wishing aside, this show has caught my attention, and hopefully will continue to be edgy and not succumb to warm platitudes...
  • It's a fancy, polished, glossy new show, but it lacks originality, chemistry and credibility legal theme based shows require to survive.

    I must admit watching the whole 70 minutes was an ordeal. Perhaps I'm being prejudiced, but there's a limit to how far you can test the viewer's patience with clichees.

    Harvey Specter - sure the whole "I'm a handsome, charming, well dressed lawyer with an overinflated ego and care for no one besides myself" fits him like a glove, but I feel as if he just takes it too far.

    Mike Ross - college dropout, part time drug dealer/user, oh but let's not forget his photographic memory (an angle that's being so overused in way too many shows), and his relationship to the sick grandmother that brought him up, and, in what looked like a death-bed promise, made him open his eyes to reality and swear to turn his life around and fulfil his true potential. - also, the manner in which he obtained the job at the law firm was just too much junk for me to swallow whole.

    Rachel Zane - the firm's best paralegal. Ravishing looks, a sharp mind accompanied by a sharp tongue, should have been a lawyer but *ahem* 'does not test well'. Please ..I only see 'office bimbo' tattooed on her forhead.

    Jessica Pearson - she has no credibility as a boss as far as I'm concerned. She gives in to Harvey's requests way to easily and does not sell on the iron fist a chief has to have in order to keep renegades like Harvey and Mike in line.

    Louis Litt - I'm actually curious enough to watch the next episodes just to see how they plan on including Louis in the mix, because the only vibe I got from him was that of the office muscle, that only shows his face when someone needs a good bashing or intimidation.

    To conclude, this show looks to me like a very expensive hooker with very expensive implants, which will surely enough end up burning, like many of its predecessors, most of which were oh so much more fascinating.
  • Use Dictionary to increase creativity!


    Really enjoy the show, BUT I'm annoyed by the fact that someone in the cast says "G_d d__n" at least two times on each show. Writers should search the dictionary if they run out of ways to describe anger, and disgust! God does not damn. We damn ourselves!

  • The premise of this show does not simply stretch the truth. It is impossible. IM-PO-SSI-BLE.


    Just for one moment, could we all please address the 600 pound gorilla in the room? This entire show is based on an impossible premise. The premise I'm talking about is that Mike can practice law just by having passed by the bar exam, and that the only deceit is that he graduated from Harvard. DOH! To practice law you need to be admitted to the bar of the jurisdiction in which you intend to practice. In New York, as in every state, to be admitted to the bar, passing the bar exam is NOT ENOUGH. Among other things you need to show proof that you graduated from an accredited law school, and that proof must take the form of a final transcript showing that you graduated and showing three years' worth of grades. So, obviously, Mike is not and cannot be a member of the New York bar or the bar of any other state. As such the scams and deceits of the show's characters pale in comparison to the scam that the show's producers and writers are perpetrating on those gullible enough to tune in every week. And I should know - I'm a lawyer. And a member of the New York bar. And, for the record, a graduate of Harvard Law School. (Don't get me started about all the baloney about HLS that the show propagates ....)

  • Incredible story line. You know how most crime shows stay alive by playing out the same hand in different patterns over again, this shows that you can keep moving forward in a tv story without the need to exchange b-list characters every episode:)


    How do you decide whether your millions of rights can correct one serious wrong? Mike has to decide every day, which makes this series so addictive. You want him to just cover his butt and put his best foot forward but the conflicting nice guy side to him makes his character that much appealing to critics. A++

  • I guess the idea was to take a legal drama and put it into a fast lane: and as long as they keep it there I'll keep watching.

    Some might resent the visual style that's so polished it shines: cool cars, attractive women, men looking ready to walk off the set onto a GQ photo-shot, lots of glass-covered skyscrapers and aerial shots of the city at night – but, I love it! I love the stylish cold colour palette: it's a perfect look for a summer show. I'll welcome ust/romantic moments, why not? We have some mighty fine looking people in the cast and I would like to see them holding a glass of Chteau Margaux under the candlelight and with the obligatory skyline in the background ;) As long as they don't make it soap opera-ish. Which brings me to writing. So far, I have no complaints. Let's hope the writers will keep Trevor's now ex-girlfriend out of Mike's life. I don't even remember her name, that's how little I care for that storyline. But, I do like the twists in court cases, the dialogues and the one-liners. Very entertaining!

    Two of my favourites: Mike: I don't know how to file a patent.
    Harvey: Figure it out. M: Can't we do that after...
    H: No. Keep talking and I'll start billing you and my time runs a thousand dollars an hour.
    M: Isn't this our time, Mr. Hand?
    H: I stand corrected. Your Fast Times at Ridgemont High quote proves that you belong at the adult table.
    M: Hey! That's a great movie and it spoke to a generation! And:

    Louis: You know that I pick a pony out of the herd every year, don't you?
    Mike: A pony?
    L: Oh, yeah. Someone who shows potential. Stamp my own little brand on 'em. M (clears his throat)
    L: Are you that pony, Mike?
  • A prequel with the life of Harvey

    A prequel with the life of Harvey & related prfessional with current issue at the same time could be possible for coming Suits seasons.does it sound familiar to your idea.

    cheer up.
  • Suits is one of the all time best shows on TV!!!

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!
  • Perfect!

    Everything about this show is perfect! Clever, funny, nice even romantic in some occasions :) The characters are great, the story is great and I hope it'll stay for the long run.
  • Thought this show was going to be just another legal drama, but something told me to check it out anyway...

    I used to think that I liked legal dramas because of the... well the legal stuff of course... After this show, I have realized that it is because I love the little secrets that are dug up. Always, just in the nick of time, they find this juicy little thing that wins them the case and I live for it!!!! In this show, Harvey and Mike are incredible at finding those hidden gems and presenting them to us in these great little wrapped packages.

    Also, Mike's little secret is always just hanging over his head, waiting for someone to find out. Waiting for that to happen; hoping that it won't, but knowing that it is inevitable is so exciting.

    Really though, this is a show with a great main cast, as well as supporting cast. Louis cracks me up all the time with his creepy little ways, while I sit and idolize Donna because her character is incredible. And did I detect a hint of secret feelings toward Harvey? I'm very on board with that relationship if it were to happen. And what about Rachel as opposed to Jenny? I think that Rachel is a better match for Mike, and I think he may feel that way also... But things happen and he can't change them now... He owes it to Jenny to see if things work out. Yikes: unless Trevor ruins everything...
  • perfect rhythm

    From the first episode the show has a certain flow to it which captivates the audience. The dialogue between the 2 mains Harvey and Mike consists of banter in a way that still fits in with the atmosphere of the show. The actors do a wonderful job playing off each other, making it even more enjoyable to watch....not to mention the leads are both gorgeous. Despite the attractive cast a show would be nothing without great writing, and suits definitely provides. Each episode is up to par with the last, and its only going uphill from here. Suits is unlike most law shows, it looks at the law in a different perspective that any other show thus far has shown.
  • rating

    my rating-->
  • What A Brilliant And Wonderful Show

    I Did Not Start Watching This Show Until This Summer 2012 because I was just trying to find a new show to watch. I did not think that I would get addicted to this show, but I am. It is just such a great show. I LOVE all the characters except Louis chimp-muck self. LOL My Favorite character of course is HARVEY SPECTER. He is so AWESOME. I Love his face expressions and his "humor."

    Can wait til it starts, great actors, good writing, great team!
  • LOVE!!!

    i am totally addicted to this show. love the plots, the script, the actors, and yes I'm in love with the character Harvey:P
  • The Best of both worlds of The Practice & Boston Legal !!!!!

    All I can say is I CAN'T BLOODY wait for the next ep !!!
  • Excellent

    This is the example for all of us, businessmen or lawyers and for everyone! I mean that's how good you must know (be in) your job if you want to be on the peak of your carrier and of course vindicate it by updating yourself every single day, time.... every time I'm watching it, it reminds me and makes me feel to work harder on myself to become the best what I'm doing and going to do!
  • Suits

    I absolutely adore Suits! Harvey has got it going on and when you put him together with Mike, you have the whole package. They have such chemestry together, not that kind, ha. They play off of each other and make this show a lot of fun to watch. Some say it's an impossible thing to happen, well this is what makes it so much fun! And to know it can all go to you know where at any time, well it keeps you coming back for more. Really folks, there really are some people out there that are just that smart! ;)
  • suits writers


    It's Galla, not Gallo

    Ref. Season 2 Episode 1. The last five senior partners...
  • Surprises

    Every episode surprises me how well the script has been done. Excellent show.
  • Definitely yes!

    I do like this show. I hope that it will last.
  • So sexy and you know it!

    This series is so fxxxing sexy and you know it. An amazingly hot cast & clever storyline. I just cant get enough of it!
  • Freakin Awesome

    LOOOVE the show.... Ima big fan
  • Can't Get Enough!

    Just can't stop watching the series!
  • awesome show but...

    Please bring DONNA BACK!!!
  • if my assumptions are true......its easy to make a come back for donna.......

    damn......this tv series is gaining a lot of momentum......whoever directed this, i just wanna say YOU DID A GREAT JOB.....the whole story line is awesome.......and the way the whole spectrum of character being managed.....what to say....i don't have words now...........simply I just wanna say this tv series is AWESOME RAISE TO THE POWER N WHERE N TENDING TO INFINITY ...yup its in the terms of limits...........BUT............what the crap....only 3 more episodes 2 go...........plz do make atleast 20 episodes for next season..............

    Well i do think so:


    No doubt that the episode Sucker Punch was incredible......but the scene what i've been thinking last few days is may be both Hardman and Tanner are working together to bring Harvey,Jessica and Team down and may that whole memo thing(memo which donna supprisingly discovered 4 years later)which caused all this mess is nothing but just a well planned game of Hardman and Tanner.

    Yes i'm saying that say that Donna dint receive any memo 4 years before and this whole thing was planted by Hardman and Tanner. Consider it as true for a second, that means later on if say Harvey discovered the same some how, then this could open a door for Donna to make a come back.

    I'm just saying this on the basis that Hardman lied about her wife suffering from cancer which proves that he can make a move to any extent doesn't matter whatever it cost for something he need badly.
  • It's about time

    Amazing show. Great writing! It's refreshing to watch this show, every minute is exciting - It's about time. Thank you!

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