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  • A Great Fit

    Wonderful characters with great dynamics, snappily written, the 40~ minutes really does fly by. This really is one of my top 3 shows at the moment, it is far too easy to watch, and that's the sign of a quality show. Fifty two episodes a year please.
  • suits is pure genius

    love, love, love... the show.
  • perfect rhythm

    From the first episode the show has a certain flow to it which captivates the audience. The dialogue between the 2 mains Harvey and Mike consists of banter in a way that still fits in with the atmosphere of the show. The actors do a wonderful job playing off each other, making it even more enjoyable to watch....not to mention the leads are both gorgeous. Despite the attractive cast a show would be nothing without great writing, and suits definitely provides. Each episode is up to par with the last, and its only going uphill from here. Suits is unlike most law shows, it looks at the law in a different perspective that any other show thus far has shown.
  • worth watching !!! just awesome !!

    I wish to see more episodes, not just 16. I mean why they make 16 or 12 episodes per season. This show is far better than their other new shows and i feel they should make more episodes of it. Those who haven't seen this...then just what to say.....go watch it !!! Its great !!! especially Donna !!!
  • It's about time

    Amazing show. Great writing! It's refreshing to watch this show, every minute is exciting - It's about time. Thank you!

  • Suits is one of the all time best shows on TV!!!

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mind blown!

    Last nights season finale blew my mind. *SPOLIER* When Mike told Rachel I nearly exploded. I've been waiting for this since the end of last season. It's kind of sad that Mike and Harvey are angry at each other though. Them being on the opposite side seems wrong. A great show.
  • Can't Get Enough!

    Just can't stop watching the series!
  • Language? Sure thing One Million Mom.

    Excellent show, great chemistry between the main cast. This show is not going to redefine the genre but it's great fun and has some strong, relatable characters.

    As for the review that bashes the show about "improper" language - this show is not obscene by ANY means. Calling for the show to change in order to reflect hilariously repressed and outdated values of a small minority is laughably immature. Sure, let's truncate the show's believability in order to cater to an extreme and non-lucrative special interest party (lawyers who are afraid to swear? HAHA).

    Besides, there is plenty of drinking, drug use and fornication, as well as morally ambiguous legal action, yet you focus on the use of a single WORD. A word that was part of the English lexicon far longer than the Christian lexicon (yeah, but you guys OWN that, right?). If these are your values, by all means keep them well. This show is independent of you and your values and is directed at a far larger and less severe audience. Please ride off elsewhere on that high horse of yours; perhaps the teletubbies will run a courtroom special.

    I thought Donna was hot, but Rachel's file room romp with Mike last night has to be one of the hottest TV sex scenes this year. That was really pushing the censor envelope. Now we have to give Donna her due, and get HER in file room with Harvey.
  • Awesome

    This is an Awesome series cant w8 for Season 3
  • Best show in a long time!

    Love this show ! Harvey Specter is awesome!!
  • awesome show but...

    Please bring DONNA BACK!!!
  • Definitely yes!

    I do like this show. I hope that it will last.
  • Surprises

    Every episode surprises me how well the script has been done. Excellent show.
  • Incredible story line. You know how most crime shows stay alive by playing out the same hand in different patterns over again, this shows that you can keep moving forward in a tv story without the need to exchange b-list characters every episode:)


    How do you decide whether your millions of rights can correct one serious wrong? Mike has to decide every day, which makes this series so addictive. You want him to just cover his butt and put his best foot forward but the conflicting nice guy side to him makes his character that much appealing to critics. A++

  • Intelligent humor

    I am so thankful for this series. I get so sick of the typically classless humor of todays TV. I almost never feel that genuine sense of fulfillment in the humor of the new era TV. This show goes back to an intelligent wit that I thought had been lost. Shows like MASH Cheers and other giants of the TV sit com world. Recently when Boston Legal went off the air I was crushed and figured I was doomed to only half witted humor with more crudeness than real humor. But this show returns that same class of humor and sharp wit wound throughout the tapestry of an intriguing story line. TV right now has no competition for this show and in general becomes less complete without it.
  • More episodes, please!

    Love this show! :D
  • Freakin Awesome

    LOOOVE the show.... Ima big fan
  • Perfect!

    Everything about this show is perfect! Clever, funny, nice even romantic in some occasions :) The characters are great, the story is great and I hope it'll stay for the long run.
  • So sexy and you know it!

    This series is so fxxxing sexy and you know it. An amazingly hot cast & clever storyline. I just cant get enough of it!
  • About Season 01

    Great show, easily watchable. Gabriel Macht is the most appropriate for this role. All roles are selected carefully and it's a plus for this show.
  • rating

    my rating-->
  • Love this show!

    Not usually a fan of lawyers shows but Suits is the exception. Love the characters. I don't want Harvey and Mike bickering, their friendship is the best thing about this show. Can't wait for the new season!
  • Love it !!

    One of my favorite shows. Love it !!
  • Why I LOVE to HATE Suits

    Ok I HATE this show, because it ends. I can't stand watching this. because its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Freaking good, it kills me inside every time it's over.

    I actually pause it for hours some times just so i can make it last longer.

    what GREAT characters, GREAT Writing. GREAT Thinking...

    No show in TV Every has done to me what this show does. AND My God What a cast...

    Ok did i say how much i LOVE to HATE this show...

  • Suits Me!

    Harvey Specter is Dr. Gregory House of Corporate Law. Great show!
  • Awesome^2

    An amazing serial. Just cant understand why there has been a break in Season 2. Apart from the two main characters, I think Rachel and Donna play a very important role. Donna contributes to the humor and Rachel is one character which adds to the suspence and continuity of the serial as to what would happen in the next episode........between her and Mike.

    I hope the serial continues and does not end like "the firm".
  • Best show ever

    This is the best show ever. As for the idiots posting about god, get off your high horse. He doesn't exist and you are amongst the sheeple that believe in fairy tales with no empirical evidence. Seriously, I cannot believe the reviews on here so I had to sign up just to post this. You people are so dumb and ignorant it hurts. Don't preach where it don't belong
  • Surely one of the best !!!!!!

    From the first episode the show luered me in. This is surely one of the best !!!!!!
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