Season 2 Episode 1

She Knows

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 14, 2012 on USA

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  • Can't Wait

    Who's counting down

  • Perfect start!

    This season is going to be even better I think... Harvey is all about protecting Mike and Donna helps! Mike and Rachel ... Well this story is going to develop till the end I'm sure. They'll have to walk a long way towards each other and it's going to be great and intriguing. Jenny is not an option it's too easy... I am definitely rooting for them. Harvey needs an interesting woman in his life but will it be Donna? It' s seems that she is the only one who can put up with him but...I don' t know. As for the plot it's perfect and surly we'll not be disappointed by the stories in each episode. I can't wait till the next episode...
  • life suddenly means less

    Throughout season 1, i knew i made the wrong decision in life to start a career in stockbroking... why didnt i get into law? I've waited almost 12 months for this episode to start - it did not disappoint!

    One of the best shows on TV, and this episode was 48minutes of edge of seat awesomeness. There is alot in store for this season, and this ep set it all up.

    Watching this episode will arouse you. Just saying. Loved it :)
  • Favorite Summer Show

    I have been waiting all year for this show to come back. The writing, acting, etc are excellent!
  • Rut-row she knows...

    Jessica knows the secret, but Mike isn't going anywhere, thanks to Harvey, who threatened to leave the practice at a time Jessica needs him most, uness she keeps Mike on. I really loved the heart that both Harvey and Donna showed in the face of having to get rid of Mike. I love how much Donna knows about Harvey just by his mannerisms. And I love that Harvey couldn't fire Mike when he was supposed to, but instead told him how proud he was. But, then again, I hate when beloved characters are left in the dark looking stupid, so I was pleased when Mike quickly caught on to the fact that Jessica knows he is full of s**t.

    So, the new/old guy, Hardman? Nope, not a fan. He is going to stir up so much trouble! This is a turn that I wish this show didn't take. Maybe as a mid-season obstacle, but not to base a season around. Felt too played out.

    Goodbye Jenny. Not going to lie and say that I will really miss her (nor do I believe we have seen the last of her). Mike has finally listened to the message from Rachel and they can start to really form a relationship. I also like that Rachel is going to Donna for advice. They seem like they could be real friends. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!
  • Excellent start

    Excellent start to the 2nd season. Civil war is brewing, lines are going to be drawn and people are going to have to choose sides. Jessica wants Harvey to fire Mike, but he states that's not an option. I love the way Harvey stood up for Mike, "If he goes, I goes."

    Jenny's good with Mike. She's been supportive of him, she knows his secret and she hasn't told anyone about it. But I love Mike and Rachel together. The problem is, what's gonna be her reaction to the deception.