Season 2 Episode 2

The Choice

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 21, 2012 on USA

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  • OUCH!

    I think that pretty much sums up this whole episode, OUCH! It burns, it stings, it makes me reel back in agony!

    This episode made it very clear this situation is serious. And Harvey's usual charm and cheek isn't going to get them out of this pickle. Jessica is worried - and not in daring, challenging kind of way, in a, we sinking and I'm running out of air, kind of way.
  • I hope it's not over for them

    Since the last season I've been wondering if Mike and Rachel will get together. I thought it would be awhile cause I thought he was committed to Jenny. But now after finally getting together, Mike not wanting there to be any secrets between them, wanted to tell her but Harvey told him if he did, he's out. In the end he did what Harvey wanted him to do and broke up with her. I hope it's not over. I don't expect them to get back together anytime soon. In the meantime if Mike needs a love interest, I would like to see Lola Jensen who appeared in the episode Identity Crisis. She was the computer hacker who discovered Mike's secret and helped him by hacking Harvard's records and putting him in as a graduate. She also helped him and Harvey with their case. So who knows maybe they need her again and she and Mike hook up.
  • They changd the show already. If it int broke don't fix it.

    Wow. What happened? They made some drastic changes after one season. The show is still interesting but I don't like this whole fast talkn, quick whitted, finish each other's sentences dialogue they got goin on now. Also the happy go lucky music. If the show continues like this, it will lose a lot of followers and maybe not even make it to another season. It lst almost everything that made this show great in one episode.
  • Recap

    Ok so, he had two. Now he has none. Thanks for the glimmer. Case closed. Let's move on to the war.
  • Loving this season already

    wow season 2 is just getting better and better!!! I love this Episode, at first I was worried things between Mike and Rachel went too smoothly but now there is a complication, which just makes it more interesting for both of them getting together on the long run. Harvey is a Legend!!! I am not too sure about this new character David Hardman, but I guess they have to make things interesting at the office. As for Louis lol he is just who he is, I hope he gets more screen time as possible, he makes me laugh. As for Donna, I think maybe she had a thing for Harvey once, it looks that way though or maybe its just my imagination. All in all season 2 looks like its going to be really good.