Season 1 Episode 6

Tricks of the Trade

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 2011 on USA

Episode Recap

This week, Mike and Harvey deal with a woman named Gabby Stone who is accused of insider trading. Mike insists that she is innocent. When Mike leaves for a second to bring her some water, she disappears. Him and Harvey track her down and bring her back to their office.

Jessica gives Louis two tickets to a play to show him her appreciation for his hard work. He invites her to go with and she agrees, leaving Harvey jealous. Harvey goes to investigate Gabby's office and stumbles across a photograph on her desk, which he takes.

A man from Morello, Gabby's firm, approaches Harvey and tells him about a trade. Harvey knows that this man, Burt, is lying to him and Harvey wants to know how to get his hands on a real trade. Mike goes to a bar where the boss of Morello was hanging out. Mike sweet talks him, buys him drinks, and eventually he reveals the real trade to Mike. Mike immediately goes to Harvey's hotel room.

Rachael is stressed about taking her LSATs. At dinner, a friend of her tells Rachael that she had some guy take the LSATs for her. Mike gets a call from Scott who tells him that someone requested his LSAT services, and the client's name is Rachael Zane. Mike turns down this offer. Rachael later finds out what Mike is doing and busts him for it.

Harvey and Mike visit Gabby in prison to ask her about the trade. She'd expected something was off. Harvey doesn't understand why her lawyer would accept the deal that got her arrested. Harvey confronts the lawyer who eventually confesses Burt bribed him into doing it. Harvey tells Dean Morello what was really going on and Burt was fired on the spot. Gabby is then released from prison.

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