Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 18, 2011 on USA

Episode Recap

A guy named Travis Tanner approaches Mike and tells him he's friends with Harvey. Mike directs him to Harvey's office. Harvey is turned off by Travis and has Mike investigate. Mike discovers that Travis is actually quite the opposite of Harvey, he is humble and avoids press, yet he is an amazing lawyer. Harvey offers Travis a deal, but Travis turns him down.

Jessica and Louis reveal that there has been a leak within the firm. Lois offers a $10,000 reward for whoever exposes the leaker. This ends up pitting the associates against each other. It turns out that Mike had accidentally exposed the leaker with the pack of documents he'd previously given to Louis. It turns out to be Rachel. Mike goes to talk to her but she doesn't want to talk to him. Mike does some further investigating in the IT Department and finds out that the real leaker is Louis. He calls Rachel, but it turns out that she is applying for a job at Travis' firm.

Mike and Harvey go talk to the plaintiffs. It turns out that Travis is intimidating Kenny into cooperating. Harvey decides to meet with the plaintiffs and confront Travis, but Harvey and Mike end up walking into a trap and Travis loudly tells Harvey a low ball settlement offer, overheard by all the plaintiffs.

Rachel tells Mike about her new job. She is determined to get back at Louis by telling the opposing firm everything. Mike tells Donna that Louis has been framing Rachel, but Donna doesn't believe him. Harvey and Mike figure out that both Travis and Harvey are anticipating each others' next steps. So to throw him off, they decide to do something unexpected. Harvey goes to talk to Travis, wearing a wire tap. A light bulb goes off in Mike's head when the IT tech calls other associate, Jimmy, "Louis". Mike warns Jimmy either he tells Jessica, or Mike will himself.