Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on USA

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  • great episode

    amazing ending cant wait for the next season
  • I don't see why...

    Aw. C'mon people.

    Let Mike have his day with Rachel. I'm now interested to see how everything falls apart after the fact mike revealed to Rachel he NEVER went to Harvard.

    I wanna see how creative the writers would twist the plot. Harvey did warn Mike before that he risks everything and everyone by revealed the fact.

    That said: I can't wait for Season 3.
  • Excellent Outside-the Box Finale! (except for the stock room sex)

    I'm an old timer, so to me "LA LAW" set the bar for Law Firm venues. The only shows that have been successful in this area have been show that break convention.

    Law & Order, The Practice, and Boston Legal did that in their own ways (respectively). This is the first time that I have seen a Big Apple based Corporate Law Firm has been portrayed, and I don't think I could relate to the show if they did not take care to introduce personality types that I am not used to.

    Jessica is clearly old enough to be dealing with feminist challenges that will affect how she deals with any man in Corporate power circles, including here right hand man. How many high profile Corporate Law firms are run by women, much less women of color? Her paranoia and vicious defensive mechanisms make sense. Besides, we don't know what Harvey's entire history is with her, so leave some room for the writers to write.

    The same could be said about every character in the ensemble. If they were predictable after only two seasons the show would be a disaster. Admittedly, the gratuitous stockroom sex scene should have been cut in favor of a simple "I Love You" from the boy wonder.

    "See the money wanna stay

    For your meal

    Get another piece of pie

    For your wife

    Everybody wanna know

    How it feel

    Everybody wanna see

    What it's like"

    -Greenback Boogie by Ima Robot, Track 1, B-side, Another Man's Treasure (2010)
  • Stupid ending--Terrible Season Finale

    good episode but i didnt even realize it was SEASON FINALE until i came to check for next episode definitely means it wasn't SEASON FINALE a terrible hating Mike Ross and his philandering be more Harvey focused :)
  • Disappointing end!!!

    Mike should not have betrayed Harvey regardless of anything. Harvey deserved much better, and after what Mike did, Rachel also deserves someone better.

    To me Harvey is the hero, not Mike. I hope the producers also know this. In all, a terrible ending to a great season.
  • Smart funny edgy great stuff

    The show is great but following the actual lawyer stuff requires a lot of patience, and seeing as the lawyer stuff is hardwired into the main plot makes it at times quite difficult

    All and all great show/ season/ cast/ plot arc etc. Hope they keep it up when they return in the summer
  • its goin to come back to bite jessica in the..

    great finale though. loved it. for some reason, harvey was shown to be much weaker personality in this which he is not. jessica turned against her own employees. wow.

    can't wait for the upcoming season!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • great finale!

    this entire season was terrific. just one thing was hating to see harvey lose in the end by jessica with whom harvey always stood by. also the scene between mike and rachel - lol that was uncalled for and totally out of place.
  • love this show

    hated to see harvey lose. wish they could have thought of an ending that would leave fans feeling like last time when they beat hardman. great season nevertheless. hope they could think of something around mike's not-a-real-lawyer problem next season.
  • Couldn't Be a more perfect Season finale

    Obviously this entire season of suits has been more perfect seeing loyalties being tested, various lawsuits that could drag them through the dirt and everything that came at them they fought it off but this finale was a finale like no other where the one and only Harvey Spector, got out smarted and beaten by someone he once viewed as his confidant. It couldn't have been any better except the ending with mike and rachel which made absolutely no sense but hey can't have everything perfect.