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  • Best comady show since cheers & friends

    1 of the best shows to come from that network, very funny show as well as great cast that work well together and then they canceled it :'( anyone think FOX had something to do with it , ooh wait they own TBS
  • Breath of fresh air

    I was skeptical at first, but after watching a few of the episodes (I admit I haven't seen too many) this is not only a hit, but a bull's eye. I love the ensemble cast mode (think "cheers") but it's also good to see Dan Lauria back on TV, and having a lot of good lines to say. Some would say it is stereotypical and racist, but I don't see it that way. After all, compared to "All In The Family", "the Jeffersons", and lately, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", this is not really offensive. What makes it work is the combination of Steve Sullivan (Byrne)'s straight bar manager persona, combined with Jodi Long's hilarious Korean mom's personality. Add to that, Dan Lauria's easy going but funny father in law, and the amazingly gorgeous Vivian Bang as the sister, and Brian Doyle-Murray's insult throwing Hank, and it really makes you want to watch. Not only that, they have great guest stars on most of the episodes, (again, see "Cheers"), and it absolutely works. It can be offensive, incorrect, and degrading at times, but never gets as difficult to watch as "Always Sunny", and contrary to that show, the cast look like they are enjoying it all. I look forward to all of the new episodes, and so far, have not been disappointed. This is good comedy compared to most of the garbage we get today. The biggest reason to FUNNY! Thank you, TBS.
  • great cast

    Lot's of laughs, reminiscent of Cheers. I know it's cheesy, somewhat predictable but it never fails to make me laugh. The cast is great, love the non politically correct jokes [Hey US lighten up].
  • It's like watching a Reddit forum

    Don't get me wrong. Sullivan & Son tries, and sort of succeeds. I mean its jokes are funny, but my problem is every damn joke is a one liner. 99 percent of every joke you hear is a one liner. The characters are loud and annoying, and often come across as douchey. The setting is very similar to cheers and it tries to be like Friends, but the characters in Friends were likable, one just cannot connect with these characters
  • same trash different actors

    another non comedy for low brows. This weak attempt at a reboot of Cheers fails. Not funny and pathetic that this is the best we can get.
  • whens it comming back

    been waiting a long time anyone know when its coming back?
  • Something FUN

    Finally something FUN to watch again. As an avid watcher of sitcoms as of late they've been changing the formula which is okay but this show kind of feels nostalgic is a way and the funnies are actually pretty funny like reading a good Sunday comic strip. Enjoyable for those who aren't too critical over every little aspect of a fun show.
  • Boring and unoriginal.

    When I saw that Vince Vaughan is involved with this show, I decided to give it a chance because I like Vince Vaughan. Unfortunately, there is nothing special about this studio-filmed laugh-tracked sitcom. There's a laugh every now and then, but nothing about it makes it stick out as memorable. I might watch it if I were on a plane, I couldn't sleep, my Kindle were broken, and there were no other choices. Otherwise, it's a waste of time.
  • Rauncy Comedy

    This is SO un-family friendly its pathetic. Its like the disgusting version of Cheers. The barfly? Sick. How open she is with her son about her low morals? Pathetic. Yeah, lets really show how low people can be. Why can't we show more shows that build people up? Encourage them to be good role models, do the RIGHT thing? The japanese mother actions toward her children? Atrocious. This is just a terrible terrible idea. The worst of the worst. I will never watch another episode.
  • Fun Stuff

    This was fun to watch, the premier espisode definately has a Cheers element, but I loved and miss Cheers and there is a tons of humor since that genre of television to play with. The inter-racial family element is lots of fun, and they are having fun with it.