Summer Heights High

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Unknown on ABC1
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A new school term begins at Summer Heights High. What new artistic endeavors will the school's drama teacher, Mr G, take the students on? What first impression's will exchange student Ja'mie make, as she is given a tour around the school. And what trouble has the troubled young Islander boy, Jonah, gotten himself into?moreless

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    • Ja'mie: I think that its a dumb thing, I think that a lot of public school people are really dumb, and I think that's not really their fault, that's the thing. It comes from their parents.

    • Ja'mie: I usually try to avoid public school people, you know what I mean? I mean, one time I went to this Year 10 formal with a guy from a public school as a joke, I mean, me and my friends thought it would be so cool to just check out all the bogans and stuff, you know what I mean? And it was such a crap formal.

    • Mr James: Jonah! Come on, mate.
      Jonah: Sir, don't come in! I'm pissing! Don't look at my dick Sir!
      Mr James: Just hurry up.
      Jonah: Sir, you look like a poofter! Don't look at me!
      Mr James: Hurry up!
      Jonah: Get out sir!

    • Jonah: This is the boys toilets, where we just hang out sometimes and do tagging and shit. (points to one tag) This is my one, 'Dicktation', so you just draw a dick, and then you write 'tation'. Like you know that dictation you do in English? (he moves around) You just move around the room, you find other things. points out another tag just above the urinal) Lick my balls, that's another one of mine as well. Who the fuck is this? (points to a lime green tag)

    • Ja'mie: I think they chose me because I'm a real good ambassador for the school since I'm the smartest non-Asian in year 11. I'm also good at sport and the other things Asians can't do.

    • Mr G: See these huge bushes back here? We had a girl raped behind them, so they had to be removed.

    • Ja'mie: So, you're going to Hillford?
      Chantal: Yeah.
      Ja'mie: Oh you'll totally fit in, there's loads of Asians there.

    • Mr. G: Thank God you're here! Where have you been, bitch?

    • Mr G: I tend to do the wow shows, and then every second year we do the traditionals.

    • Mr G: Coffee Coffee Coffee, before we teachee teachee.

    • Mr G: My drama classroom is my haven. It's where I come alive.

    • Mr G: Thank god you're here! Grandma's been raped!

    • Doug Peterson: (to Jonah) Ben says you were the ring leader, Jonah.
      Jonah: Bulls***.
      Doug Peterson: That it was you who threw his bag over the train line.
      Jonah: Yeah, 'cause it was suppose to be funny. He didn't laugh. (Nudges Ben)
      Doug Peterson: How is it okay for you to bully Ben?
      Jonah: 'Cause he's a ranga.
      Doug: A what!?
      Jonah: A ranga, sir. 'Cause he's got red hair, Orangatan. That's what we call them.
      Doug: And does that make it okay for him to be bullied? Because he has red hair.
      Jonah: Well people are racist to us, so we can be racist to rangas.
      Doug: But red heads aren't a race Jonah.
      Leon: But Sir, there's heaps of them. They're everywhere.
      Doug: Look, I'll tell you what's going to happen, ok?ay! You're going to clean this off Ben's bag.
      *Holds up graffti'd bag*
      Jonah: It's not gunna come off.
      Doug: And the other thing is your not going to catch the train anymore.
      Jonah: Bulls***.
      Doug: That means that your father's going to have to pick you up and drop you off at school everyday. And I don't think..
      Jonah: Don't laugh mother f***** (Punches Leon)
      Doug: He's going to be very happy. Is he, Jonah?
      Jonah: I wasn't the only ring leader, these boys were in it too.
      Doug: You're not making it easy. Do you want this to go to Miss Murray?
      Jonah: (To Ben) Take a joke! Don't you even know what Punk'd is?! Why don't you watch MTV for once!
      Doug: Do you want to come back this afternoon and try this again? Do you? Or are you going to look at Ben and say "Sorry Ben."
      Jonah: Sorry, Homo.
      Doug: No, Jonah, that's not acceptable. Try again.
      Jonah: Sorry, ranga.
      Doug: Jonah, you are going to acknowledge Ben as a human being. Now, look at him and say "Sorry, Ben."
      Jonah: SORRY BEN!
      Doug: No, Jonah! Politely and properly apologize to Ben.
      Jonah: Okay, I'll look at him..Shake his hand (Shakes Ben's hand).
      Doug: Yes and say "Sorry, Ben."
      Jonah: *(Gets in Ben's face) Sorry, Ben. Mother f***** (Punches Ben).
      Doug: No, Jonah!
      Jonah: He's a f****** homo.

    • Jonah: We weren't even bullying him, sir. We just Punk'd him. I said you got Punk'd afterwards and he didn't even get it.
      Leon: He took it serious.
      Doug Peterson: I don't get it. What does that mean? Punk'd?.
      Jonah: It's a show, sir. It's a TV show. Don't you ever watch TV?

    • Ja'mie: Oh my God, public schools are so random!

    • Ja'mie: My friends are all like "Oh my God Ja'mie, why are you going to Summer Heights High? It's like the most Bogan school ever!"

    • Ja'mie: (at the school assembly) Hi my name's Ja'mie, J-A apostrophe M-I-E. It's weird, I know, but you'll get used to it!

    • Ja'mie (giving her speech to Summer Heights High): Wife beaters and rapists are nearly all public school educated...sorry, no offense, but it's true.

    • Jonah's Dad: What the f*** you say to me?
      Jonah: I said I f****** love you! I f****** love you. Ok?
      Jonah's Dad: My a** you love me.
      Jonah: (under his breath) Mother f*****.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Mr G and the science teacher mention that their neighbouring school did a musical called "Bully Elliot". This is an allusion to the 2000 film Billy Elliot, about a boy growing up in the north of England who wants to do ballet.

    • Jonah: We weren't even bullying him sir. We just Punk'd him. I said you got Punk'd afterwards and he didn't even get it.

      Punk'd is a show on MTV, hosted by Ashton Kutcher, where he plays pranks on celebrities, "Punking" them.

    • Three times in this episode, Mr G says the phrase "Thank God You're Here" in drama role plays at the start of a sentence. Thank God You're Here is a television skit show where the term ("Thank God You're Here") is always used.