Summer Heights High

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Unknown on ABC1



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    • Luke: If you fuck up in school, you're gonna fuck up in life. That's fucked.
      Jonah: Were there girls in your jail?
      Luke: You're gonna end up being my girl in a minute!

    • Jonah: If that's being disruptive, then fuck you!

    • Jonah: People always say I'm disruptive. They don't know I'm trying to make things more fun and more... interuptive. (drums on desk as voice-over continues) Kids in the class, they don't care cause they're doing their work and they're concentrating and it's boring and all of a sudden they get a joke, and they get a little bit of a break from their work and they get to laugh.

    • (Jonah's bouncing two balls on a table in class)
      Miss Wheatley: Jonah, take your hat off and put your balls on the ground.
      (Jonah takes his hat off and sits on the ground)
      Miss Wheatley: Jonah, what are you doing?
      Jonah: What, miss? You told me to put my balls on the ground.

    • Jonah: I said puck you with a P. Don't you know how to spell?

    • Jonah: (Throws paper at a class mate) There you go, homo.
      Miss Wheatley: Jonah! Don't use that word in class thank you.
      Jonah: Why not? It's an English word and this is a English class, isn't it?

    • Jonah: My leg hurts miss.
      Teacher: Jonah, it was the other leg yesterday. Can you make up your mind please.
      Jonah: Bullshit! It wasn't. Ask him if you want to, I hurt it kicking a wog.

    • Jonah: Puck you!

    • Ja'mie: Just because I'm rich doesn't mean I'm a bitch.

    • Ja'mie: I try and avoid other cultures at all costs.

    • Mr G: Brenda, can I get you to sort and staple those.
      Brenda: We don't normally do this for teachers.
      Mr G: Well I'm a Head of Department now so if you want me to take it further I will.

    • Mr G: Lana, have you heard the news, I'm the Director of Performing Arts, spread the word.

    • Ja'mie: So who are like the really, like, the hot girls in Year 11, like, the really popular ones?
      Ashleigh: Well there's Holly and her friends but their bitches.
      Ja'mie: Oh, Are they mean to you?
      Ashleigh: Yes.
      Ja'mie: Can you introduce me to them?

    • Ja'mie: It's so like sunny here, it's like there's no shade or anything.

    • Ja'mie: I don't want to be a bitch but you guys are really boring.

    • Ja'mie: Oh my God I love disabled people. We don't have them at our school. We've got like one burns victim but um we don't have any mentally retarded people.

    • Ja'mie: My breasts would of been bigger but I had an eating disorder in Year 8 so they didn't develop properly.

    • Ja'mie: They set me up with this girl called Ashleigh, and she's suppose to like take me around to her classes and introduce me to her friends and stuff. And seriously like I don't want to be a bitch, but she's like the fugliest girl i have ever met in my life.

    • Jonah: It's not disruptive, it's entertainment.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: September 12, 2007 on ABC1
      Czech Republic: April 18, 2010 on HBO Comedy

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