Summer Heights High

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Unknown on ABC1
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After accidentally sending an insulting picture of her friends out, Ja'mie has to attend peer counseling with her ex-friends. Jonah has been put on an anger management contract, whilst Mr G begins his auditions for his new play.

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    • Ja'mie: Seriously, Bec, Qantas is doing some good deals on one-way tickets to China. Why don't you buy one?
      Bec: I'm not even from China! I'm from Singapore, you idiot!
      Ja'mie: Asia, China, same thing.

    • Ja'mie: You're the biggest slut in the whole school.
      Ms. Dean: Ja'mie!
      Jess: How would you know?
      Ja'mie: Because everyone talks about it behind your back!

    • Kaitlyn: Stop being a fucking cow!
      Ja'mie: Oh, good, she just swore. Really nice. (Turns to Ms. Dean) Did you hear that? She called me a fucking cow.
      Ms. Dean: OK, ladies, we need to keep a handle on the language.

    • Ja'mie: Um, well, the reason I called this session, and thanks, Ms. Dean, for running it, um, is because yesterday everyone was being a total bitch to me and I'm a guest at this school and...that you should be really nice to me.
      Ms. Dean: OK, yes, Holly?
      Holly: Can I just explain? Um, Ja'mie actually published this photo of us on the internet that said we were "povo public school skanks"...
      Ja'mie: As a joke.
      Holly: And she said that Kaitlyn was a "Housing Commission whore" and that I needed a breast reduction.
      Ja'mie: Oh, miss, tell them it's a joke.

    • (On the phone to her mum)
      Ja'mie: Why are you the biggest bitch in the world to me? I'm 16, Mum. In a couple of years time, I'm gonna be fucking out of your life. I'm not even going to fucking invite you to my wedding!

    • Ja'mie: Why don't you go fuck yourself, public school bitch?
      Holly: Chill out, Ja'mie. You're really embarrassing yourself.
      Ja'mie: You know what would be embarrassing? Having your head.

    • Mr. G: Rejection can be tough, but the world is a tough place. Deal with it.

    • Ja'mie: I have the best news. Um, you know how I'm doing the 'It's All About Education' exchange thing? Well, last night they called my mum and they said they're gonna do a TV ad and they want me in it because I've got modeling experience.
      Holly: Ja'mie, we don't care.
      Ja'mie: Oh, my God, you sound like a broken record. Can you guys just get over it? Seriously!
      Holly: Look, we're not gonna get over it.
      Ja'mie: Don't be a bitch and don't listen to my story, Holly.
      Holly: Well, you're a bitch, Ja'mie, so whatever. Why don't you find some new friends?
      (Holly, Kaitlyn, Jess and Bec get up and walk away)
      Ja'mie: Oh, yeah, cool. OK. See ya.
      Holly: Yeah, whatever, Ja'mie. See ya.
      Ja'mie: As if I'd want to be friends with you bitches anyway.
      Jess: Good. We don't want to be friends with you either, bitch.
      Ja'mie: 'Bye.

    • Holly: Well, like, you obviously don't know how upset we are, Ja'mie. Like, I don't ever want to be friends with you again.
      Jess: No way.
      Ja'mie: Guys, just learn what a sense of humour is, OK? It was a joke.
      Holly: Um, you called Kaitlyn a "Housing Commission whore". It's not funny.
      Kaitlyn: I mean, I live in a townhouse, not Housing Commission.
      Jess: Yeah and you called me a "Clearasil before shot".
      Ja'mie: Guys, seriously, build a bridge and get over it.

    • Doug Peterson: You can go for a run around the oval.
      Jonah: That's fucked up, sir. Everyone will think I'm a homo if I start fucking running around the oval every time someone pisses me off.

    • Jess: It's not very funny! Bec was crying this morning 'cause you called her a "try-hard Asian."
      Ja'mie: It was a total joke.

    • Doug Peterson: Keep a journal and write things down.
      Jonah: What's a journal?
      Doug Peterson: A journal, it's like a little diary. So you write stuff in there and it stops it building up inside you.
      Jonah: I'm not a poofter, sir.
      Doug Peterson: Didn't say you were, Jonah.

    • Doug Peterson: So what would have been a better way to have reacted?
      Jonah: Just say "Fuck off" and walk away and don't get mad.
      Doug Peterson: Alright. What about some language which is less provocative?
      Jonah: "Get fucked?"

    • Mr. G: I'm known around the school for having an above-average sense of smell, so I use my nose to control certain behaviours. I like to sniff the kids most mornings, just randomly in the corridors, checking for various odours - um, cigarette smoke, graffiti pens, alcohol, um, cannabis, that sort of thing. Just identifying that, singling the kids out. They're aware of it. They become very nervous when they see me in the mornings, and you can always pick the guilty ones. But, yes, it's just one of the good things about having a heightened sense.

    • Jonah: I know how to control my fucking anger.

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