Summer Heights High

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

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Ja'mie and her friends fight to have a Year 11 formal, Jonah has to hang around Year 7 boys and Mr G continues to work on his musical.
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      • (At assembly presentation for the formal)
        Ja'mie: A school that bans formals, is a school that bans life. Summer Heights High, you should be ashamed of yourself. Firstly, formals can give hope. They give povo people something to live for. Lack of formals in a school can also seriously affect the development of a girl. Without formals, you can seriously stunt girls socially and physically. No offence, but it's not exactly fun around here. A Year 11 formal could do so much for this school. Let me explain. Formals bring people together. They bring groups together and remove the apartheid of the playground.
        Holly: Emos.
        Ashly: Christians.
        Bec: Asians.
        Kaitlyn: Skanks.
        Jess: Lesbians.
        Ja'mie: And hot girls all come together at the formal. It's a social and cultural melting pot that goes off.
        Holly: Emos can dance with the jocks.
        Ashly: Christians sit with skanks.
        Bec: Asians share limos with Lesbians.
        Ja'mie: And my group talks to the fugly girls. That's right - formals bring people together!

      • Mr. G: We should never have bloody taken them. I remember the meeting. Do you remember that meeting? We sat in there and they said all raise hands to special ed, and I was hands down, no bloody way. They're nothing but trouble. (Awkward pause) I mean they're great kids. I love the kids, don't get me wrong. I think they're wonderful.

      • Doug Peterson: Tomorrow - junior swimming carnival. You and your mates are gonna chaperone your Year 7 little brothers for the whole day.
        Jonah: We get to breakdance if we do that?
        Doug Peterson: Yes, you can. It's a deal?
        Jonah and Leon: It's a deal, sir.
        Jonah: Come on, Lucas.
        Leon: Come on, Lucas. Teach you some moves.
        Doug Peterson: See you at the swimming tomorrow, boys.
        Jonah: See you, sir. We missed you, Lucas.
        (Doug leaves)
        Leon: (To Lucas) What did you say to him?
        Jonah: What the fuck did you say to him?

      • Lucas: He lifted my T-shirt and said I had man-boobs.
        Jonah: Bullshit I did.
        Doug Peterson: You know, I'm this close to banning the breakdancing demo on Poly day.
        Jonah: No fuckin' way, sir.
        Doug Peterson: Yes, I am.
        Jonah: Sorry, Lucas. I was only punking you anyway.
        Doug Peterson: That's not an excuse anymore, Jonah. I'm sick of this behaviour. One last chance I'll give you.
        Jonah: Why don't you trust me for once, sir?

      • (Doug comes over with Lucas, Jonah's "little brother")
        Doug Peterson: Jonah, Jonah, give me a second, please, mate. Did you or did you not agree to put in a decent effort on this program?
        Jonah: Yeah, but he pissed off. It's not my fault he left.
        Doug Peterson: Jonah, he left because he came to tell me that not only were you neglecting him, but that you decided it was appropriate to pick on him and call him names.
        Jonah: Yeah, I just made a comment about him being fat. He is, sir. Look at him.
        Doug Peterson: Jonah, I gave him to you because he's not coping socially.
        Lucas: He called me a lard-arse homo.
        Jonah: Yeah, as a joke, idiot!
        Doug Peterson: Do you think that's appropriate to say to a person with confidence issues, do you?
        Leon: You said his mother must have fucked a whale to get that much blubber.
        Doug Peterson: Leon, don't make this worse!

      • (On the oval "Starving for the formal")
        Holly: Ja'mie, did you tell everyone it was first period?
        Ja'mie: Yes, of course I did, idiot! (About the banner) Keep it straight!
        Holly: The banner looks awesome.
        Ja'mie: We're totally getting our point across anyway.
        Holly: Yeah. Are any of you guys hungry?
        Ja'mie: We've been here for, like, 10 minutes. You told me you were anorexic. Obviously, you were lying.
        Holly: You don't have to be a bitch to me. I was.
        Ja'mie: Deal with it. We're starving for a cause.
        Holly: I know how to starve myself. I'm just saying.

      • Ms. Murray: Now, Greg, a couple of the parents of the special ed kids have asked me why their children are not actually going to be in the production.
        Mr. G: Special ed? The special ed kids didn't get through the audition.
        Ms. Murray: Well, I'd like to see that they get an involvement in the production. I mean, we can't have a school with prejudice and exclusivity and so on. So, I'd like you to make sure those kids are included.
        Mr. G: Well, I don't see why I should be making exceptions for kids that didn't get through the audition.

      • (About being "Little Brothers"
        Elliot: It's kinda good, kinda bad.
        Kane: They just make us do all this stuff that's, like, really mean.
        Lucas: They call us names that we don't like. They call me 'fatty'.
        Elliot: They call me 'ranga'.
        Kane: They call me 'gay'.

      • Jonah: We've worked out that there's some good things about having the little brothers around. Like, you can make them do shit for you. Like, do your homework.

      • Ja'mie: Oh, my God. We could do, like, a hunger strike. Like, just don't eat.
        Kaitlyn: Like, not eat at all?
        Ja'mie: Don't eat, and say, "We'll keep not eating until you let us have the formal." Seriously. No, we can get the whole of Year 11 involved. We can go down to the oval...
        Holly: Yes and have like a banner!
        Ja'mie:, first period tomorrow, saying, like, "Give us a formal, or else!"
        Jess: Oh, my God, that's great!

      • (Jonah sits down next to his Year 7 buddies)
        Jonah: So, have you got problems?
        Boy: Nice new friends, Jonah.
        Jonah: Shut the fuck up. They're not my friends, motherfucker. I have to do it as a program. They're homos.
        (Turns back to his buddies)
        Jonah: So, um, 'Pedophile' Pete said that you've got social problems or some shit.

      • Ja'mie: I wanna show these guys how to have a good time. Like, just 'cause you go to a public school, doesn't mean you can't go off, do you know what I mean?

      • (About the Formal)
        Ja'mie: I can't believe you guys have never had one here.
        Jess: Oh no, we did, but they banned it 'cause they think it's a distraction.
        Ja'mie: Is that why? Oh, I thought it was the povo factor.

      • Doug Peterson: I want to assign to you a group of Year 7 boys who are not coping well in the school. I'll assign one to each of you and I want you to be what I call a 'big brother' to them.
        Leon: No way, sir. That sucks.
        Jonah: No way. We hate Year 7s. It's a shit idea.
        Doug Peterson: OK, hear me out. Now, Jonah, you'd be the leader.
        Jonah: It's not our fault they've got no friends.

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