Summer Heights High

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Unknown on ABC1



  • Quotes

    • (Doug comes over with Lucas, Jonah's "little brother")
      Doug Peterson: Jonah, Jonah, give me a second, please, mate. Did you or did you not agree to put in a decent effort on this program?
      Jonah: Yeah, but he pissed off. It's not my fault he left.
      Doug Peterson: Jonah, he left because he came to tell me that not only were you neglecting him, but that you decided it was appropriate to pick on him and call him names.
      Jonah: Yeah, I just made a comment about him being fat. He is, sir. Look at him.
      Doug Peterson: Jonah, I gave him to you because he's not coping socially.
      Lucas: He called me a lard-arse homo.
      Jonah: Yeah, as a joke, idiot!
      Doug Peterson: Do you think that's appropriate to say to a person with confidence issues, do you?
      Leon: You said his mother must have fucked a whale to get that much blubber.
      Doug Peterson: Leon, don't make this worse!