Summer Heights High

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Unknown on ABC1
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Mr G has major problems with the 'Annabelle Dickson Musical', Ja'mie pretends to be a lesbian and Jonah gets suspended.
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      • Ms. Murray: I've had a note from a parent, and according to this mother, you called her daughter a 'walrus'. And you said...
        Mr. G: Well...
        Ms. Murray: And you said you were glad that you'd had reinforced the stage or she might have fallen through.
        Mr. G: I was referring to Hannah Austen, and I think in that case it's a legitimate concern.

      • Keiran: Hey, me and Lian need some Polynesian advice. We're developing man boobs - what should we do?
        Leon: You want a Polynesian smash?
        Jonah: Your mother's the one with man boobs, motherfucker.

      • Mr. G: Jesus Christ!
        Rodney: Greg, language, mate.
        Mr. G: I'm not interested in your opinion about my language, Rodney! Right now I don't care. Tell someone who cares.

      • Ja'mie: Does everyone reckon it would be cool if the lesbians came?
        Holly: Yeah.
        Kaitlyn: Yeah, I reckon it's fine.
        Ja'mie: You can guarantee me it's cool?
        Holly: Well, I'm telling you, I reckon it's cool.
        Ja'mie: And it'll make us look good? Then we should do it. Ashley can you write that down? All lesbians allowed to the formal. We'll go find them at lunch time and tell them. Lesbian issue sorted. Let's get on with the rest of it.

      • Kaitlyn: Tamsin! Tamsin Walker.
        Holly: Have you seen her?
        Ja'mie: Is she a lesbian?
        Kaitlyn: Yeah she's hot.
        Holly: With, like, the black hair.
        Ja'mie: Yeah, I know her.
        Kaitlyn: Yeah, she's hot. She's really hot.
        Holly: Yeah all the guys love her. They love her. And when you think about it, do you want this formal to be remembered? Like to stand out?
        Kaitlyn: Serious.
        Ja'mie: I guess it's cool, but I, for one, do not want to see Tamsin Walker pashing some chick on the dance floor at our formal!

      • Ja'mie: Oh, my God, guys - issue. I had a girl come up to me in the playground asking me whether she could go to the formal with another girl.
        Holly: Are you serious?
        Ja'mie: And not as a joke thing.
        Holly: Yeah, like, actually like a lesbian.
        Ja'mie: As in full-on lesbians, yeah. I just don't think we should be letting them come. Like, I don't want to be a bitch, but i just feel like there might be an easy way we can discourage them. You know, like, if we just said to them, like, "We'd prefer it if you didn't come."
        Kaitlyn: Actually, I reckon lesbians are really in at the moment. Like, there's some really hot lesbians and everything.
        Holly: It'd be really accepting of us.
        Ja'mie: They're going to drag things down. Like, we've got the most awesome night planned and I don't want to be upstaged by a bunch of dykes.

      • Mr. G: (talking about his dog Celine jumping through a hoop) She would jump four to five meters above the ground, with a run up she'd just dive through it.

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