Summer Heights High

Season 1 Episode 8

Episode 8

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Unknown on ABC1
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Episode Summary

The curtain rises on Mr G's musical, Ja'mie is dumped by her school formal date and Jonah's future changes forever.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • As of this episode; Ms. Murray is the only character to appear in all three stories.

    • After Ja'mie is dumped by her formal date she takes Sebastian, the Year 7, to the formal. Sebastian and Ja'mie dated in episode 3 of the series, when Ja'mie wanted to be the first Year 11 girl to date a Year 7 girl.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • (About Holly's formal dress)
      Ja'mie: No offence, Holly, but you look borderline emo in that.
      Holly: It's not emo.

    • (Ja'mie reads the message on her phone)
      Ja'mie: Stupid lesbian bitch! Oh, my God! Tamsin's not coming to the formal with me 'cause she found out I'm not really a lesbian.
      Holly: Are you OK?
      Ja'mie: No, I'm not OK! She's not coming! Oh, my God! I've got, like, four hours 'til the formal, guys! What am I gonna do?
      Holly: Find someone else Ja'mie.
      Ja'mie: Stupid, selfish bitch!

    • Ja'mie: Public schools rock!

    • Ja'mie: I'd rather be a pedophile then a lesbian, seriously!

    • Mr. G: I'm a dreamer, and I always will be.

    • Mr G. (speaking to the audience for "Mr. G: The Musical")... Um, as most of you know, I am no longer teaching here. I was driven out due to mistreatment and general abuse. Um, tonight was supposed to be an arena spectacular, but due to the selfishness of your principal, you are seated on the floor. I've always faced my critics, but I think tonight's show has put a lot of egg on the face of my skeptics. Yay for the show.
      (Scattered applause)

    • Holly: The next award goes to the hottest exchange student.
      Jess: And the award goes to... Ja'mie King.
      (Ja'mie, Kaitlyn and Bec squeal)
      Ja'mie: Oh, my God! Thank you so much. Thanks, everyone. Oh, my God, that's so random! I didn't think I was gonna win it. Um, can I just say it's my last couple of weeks at Summer Heights, and I've had a really amazing time, and I hope you guys have had an awesome time having me here. Um, I've done so much in the time that I've been here, like my SRC committee and my AIDS charity work. Um, and I hope tonight's formal has taught you guys that, just because you go to a public school and you're povo, it doesn't mean that you can't have a good time - do you know what I mean? Seriously, like, stop worrying about money, get over it and just have an amazing time!

    • Ja'mie: Hey, Sebastian, do you want some Breezer? It's yummy.
      Jess: It's alcohol. He's in Year 7.
      Ja'mie: He's twelve years old, Jess, not eight.

    • Holly: Oh, my God! Did you guys see that fat ranga chick with the fairy wings?
      Ja'mie: Yes!
      Beck: Where? Where?
      Ja'mie: She's over there. Like, why would you?
      Holly: I know!
      Ja'mie: There's so many attention seekers here. It's so tragic.

    • Ja'mie: Did you see all the randoms trying to suck up to me when we arrived? They're all like, "Hi, Ja'mie!" Like, as if I'm gonna talk to them just because it's the formal.

    • Mr. G: In the playground of today, children are faced with drugs, sex, suicide and anorexia. It's just not right. One man, one teacher, tried to make a difference. That teachers name was Mr. G... (Fades out) ...G, G, G, G.

    • Ja'mie: Um, I don't wanna look... I don't wanna look slut. Like, not slut, but sort of semi-slut. Do you know what I mean?

    • Ms. Murray: The fact here is you have threatened a teacher. I had Miss Wheatley in my office yesterday, and she was very, very upset.
      Jonah: She's a fuckin' liar.
      Doug Peterson: Jonah, don't make it any worse, please.

    • Miss Wheatley: A lot of students are very afraid of Jonah and what he'll do to them. I deal with Year 7s on a daily basis who are very afraid of him.
      Jonah: Bullshit.

    • Mr. G: I've taken Toby out of special education for the day to do some intensive rehearsal to make sure he's ready for tonight. Not nervous? You're not going to be nervous are you?
      Toby: No.
      Mr. G: No, don't want you stuffing up.

    • Mr. G: Hi five for the holidays.

  • NOTES (1)