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Dictation; The meaning behind it all.

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    As all of you know Jonah's tag, 'Dicktation' is by far one of most popular and amusing elements of Summer Heights High. However, I'd like to discuss the deeper inner meaning about the tag.

    First of all, how does one define Dictation? Dictation means to dictate, as to speak, (often to have somebody else write down what you are dictating.) Also, dictation can mean the act of dictatorship, where a dictator who has extreme power or authority, especially one who uses it tyrannically.

    We first see the 'Dicktation' tag in the first episode of Summer Heights High, where Jonah talks a bit about the tag. The tag is seen many times throughout the series, but I would like to focus on the 8th, and last episode, and it'sconnection to 'Dicktation' which has appeared all throught the series.

    ------- A few spoilers here --------

    First of all, when Jonah is expelled but comes back to Gumnut Cottage to read his illiterate, yet touching speech, what is he doing? He's dictating of course! I believe that his tag and this event are somewhat connected, perhaps resembling Jonah's free spirit as he dictates because he wants to, and sprays his tag where he wants to. The scene, for anyone would have seen it I believe is the pinnacle of Jonah's story, where all the build up from the past 7 episodes builds up to a sentimental climax that makes Summer heights high such a great watch.

    I could be wrong, however, because at the end of the episode, Jonah is seen being nice to all the teachers as he leaves for being expelled, but camera view switches to the lockers and car park and school grounds, to reveal that Jonah has sprayed his 'Dicktation' tag all over The teacher's cars, the Grade 7's lockers, and on the walls. I believe this portrays the theme of 'Dicktation', because Jonah always believed that he got into trouble because the teachers were racist. Therefore by spraying his tag all over the school, Jonah was able to break free through the 'Dicktation' and ultimately have the last laugh. he had beaten the dictation and made it obvious that it was a dictatorship that had held him down, but through the tag which is funny but also profound, Jonah's story ended on a good note.

    I may be wrong, but that's just my opinion. Anyone who wants to discuss please feel free to do so. I personally laughed the most I had in all the series at the end of the Final summer heights high episode, not just because it was funny, but because of what I discussed about 'Dicktation' and it's true meaning. Chris Lilley is truely a great writer to be able to write something as deep as that and I reckon he's an inspiration to all of us.

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    I think you have looked a little too deep into this.
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    Brother, you have made a difference in my life! A few days ago, I was scouting out a new show to watch. This was one I came across that I didn't think I'd do. But then I read this thread and decided to give it a go. I've already watchedthe show twice, and consider it one of the greatest works of comedy, ever.

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    interesting insights..

    i wonder if there are any other deeper meanings in the show?

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    or, alternatively, maybe not?
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