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  • An awesome and funny show, took my by complete surprise Chris Lilley is an absolute genius.

    I decided to give this show a try and had absolutley no expectations but figured 'it's only 8 episodes so why not I'm bored'. After the first episode I had to see another, after the second episode I was hooked, so much I actually got and am bummed out that it is over because I want more. Chris Lilley portrayed each character (Mr. G, Jonah, Ja'Mei) with believable precision and loaded with different personality. Chris Lilley is an absolute genius and earned a fan of me, all I can really say is that it does suck it ended after 8 episodes.
  • Summer Heights High is pure genius, never seen before. Coming from a fifty year old female 6th grade teacher in central Illinois. We want more Chris. I also want to see you on the talk show circuit, can't get enough. Also looking for a Jonah T-shirt.

    Genius, so convincing. Chris Liley must have spent hours observing children with behavior disorders,aka Jonah, take it from a teacher. Funniest portrayals I've ever seen in my life and yet I wanted to cry for Jonah in the last episode. I lived for each episode and the discussions I would have afterwards with my son and three step sons. We quote daily from the show when we see each other. Chris Liley, you are my hero. I want to get the word out and make your show number one. Please tell me season II on its way. I can't wait to purchase Season I DVD.
  • The show is such an accurate spoof of a reality-television documentary that viewers could initially have mistaken it for the real thing.

    But no, despite what the opening credits say, this is not a documentary shot over a single school term at a large public high school in an apparently small Australian town. It only pretends to be. Chris Lilley, who created the concept, wrote the show and plays the three most prominent parts, proves a wickedly wily parodist. You hardly need to be Australian to recognize its abundance of insight into human foolishness, egomania and nincompoopery.

    The show, debuting tomorrow night on HBO, starts slowly -- but builds. Eventually, even farcical characters inspire emotional investment. It's cringe comedy, with suspense growing out of how mortifyingly the three main characters -- a drama teacher, a girl who's transferred from private school and an incorrigible sociopath -- will humiliate themselves.

    Mercifully, HBO has imported the series -- which aired in Australia last year -- rather than contriving some sort of American adaptation of it. The accents might render some of the dialogue murky, but high school banalities Down Under have a lot in common with those up in the Northern Hemisphere. Girls chatter endlessly on cellphones, pausing occasionally to shoot phone photos, and boys invest disproportionate energy in trying to seem cool. Different viewers will have different favorite characters, but this reviewer found himself most involved with the embarrassments and debasements of the drama teacher -- whose name is Greg Gregson but who likes to be called "Mr. G," as if he were beloved and legendary.

    In the first chapter, he's just into rehearsals of the school musical, Cole Porter's "Anything Goes." But why should Cole Porter get any more glory? "Anything Goes" goes, and Gregson sets about constructing an original and self-glorifying musical based on the death-by-overdose of a Summer Heights student. Eventually "Annabel Dickson, the Musical" will become "Mr. G, the Musical" and its subtitle, "The Story of a Teacher Who Cared Too Much."

    All three main characters are chronically delusional, utterly unaware of their failings and limitations. Ja'mie, the pretentious prep-school student, assembles a kind of clique around herself and drags its members through ridiculous melodramas in which she is always the star. She doesn't seem even to notice how ungainly (as played by Lilley) and grotesque she happens to be, imagining instead that she's the belle of every ball.

    The sociopath, a Polynesian student named Jonah, is a living matrix of societal ills -- abusive, bullying, desperate for attention and preternaturally post-adolescent, limiting his graffiti to drawings of male genitalia. He's a fascist, basically, a bane to all the teachers but a comic hero to the gaggle of boys who can't wait to see what malicious mischief he'll commit next.

    Gregson and his musical are irresistibly horrible. Self-important to a monumental degree, Gregson puts his bewildered students through excessively rigorous rehearsals and a nearly endless series of temperamental tantrums and hyperbolic hissy fits. One of his roles is to be in charge of evacuation procedure, he explains in narration; his idea of clearing the school is to become hysterical and scare people out of their wits.

    He says he likes to stage impromptu drills, too -- as when he runs down a hallway screaming, "There's a pedophile in the school -- get out!"

    The show's strong language would earn the series an R rating if it were a theatrical release, so parents can consider whether they want real high school students to see Lilley's version. Actually, real students make up most of the cast; they come across not as amateurish but rather as authentically bored by the emotional exhibitionism that Ja'mie, Jonah and Gregson all have in common -- no matter how fascinating they find themselves.

    The show might be Australian, and the school may not look and sound quite the way American schools do, but Lilley's script and performances are rife with recognizable personalities, neuroses and human absurdities. The tone is somewhat similar to that of the Christopher Guest satires ("Waiting for Guffman" especially), and yet Lilley comes across more like an Australian Ricky Gervais.

    Most episodes end and begin with "iris-out" and "iris-in" transitions used decades ago in silent movies (the screen shrinks down to a dot -- or expands from one), but "Summer Heights High" is far more new-fangled than it is old-fashioned. It's possessed of a sensibility that seems oddly peculiar to the age: uproarious subtlety.
  • The best thing ever to come out of Austrailia

    This Australian mockumentary, written by and starring the brilliant Chris Lilley, is such an underrated show. It's full of hilarious scenarios in which Lilley portrays three main characters. Jonah, Ja'mie, and Mr G. In my opinion, this show has been heavily influenced by the brilliant Canadian mockumentary series Trailer Park Boys, but Summer Heights High is a witty, hilarious individual show in its own right. Not only is Chris Lilley a fantastic writer, his acting skills are superb, he plays teenagers in this show and they are so convincing. The man is the most underrated comedy genius in the world. I strongly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys masterpieces such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, And Trailer Park Boys.
  • One of the funniest shows ever!!!!!

    This show is a mockumentory set in a public school focusing on 3 characters all played by the talented Chris Lilley.

    There is the self-involved drama teacher Greg Gregson (Mr G) who is working on a musical about a student who has recently died that some how turns into Mr G: The musical.

    Snobby 17 year old J'amie King who is at Summer Heights High as part of an exchange student program between public and private schools. 8th grade student Jonah Takula who is originally from Tonga and wants to be a break dancer. Jonah has behavioural and learning problems.

    Chris Lilley is a comic genius. It's a bit like when you watch Sasha Barron Cohen as Ali G and Borat you forget this is the same person playing all 3 characters.
    He competley emerses himself in these characters. I am sure he has a complete history on each character you could probley quiz him he could answer any question you had straight away. Highly reccommend this show.

    Just want to reply to a critism from spears5 below who said the show was cancelled after 10 episodes this is not true there was always only going to be 8 episodes of this series. That is how it was written. The show was a big hit in Australia and dominated the ratings with Spicks and Specks and The Chaser. It ws such a hit that the DVD is still in the top 10 more then 6 months after it was released.
  • Summer Heights High is the mokumentary that has comedian Chris Lilley play 3 very different people situated in an Australian public school, the show takes place over one school term.

    The 3 people are; the stuck-up and rude Ja'mie King who is on exchange from her prestigious private school, vulgar, disruptive and delinquent bully Jonah Takalua and effeminate, self – obsessed drama teacher Mr. G with delusional dreams of stardom. Although this show was controversial from the beginning with highly offensive language and themes when the real drug – related death of a girl named Annabel was inadvertently made into a satirical musical by Mr. G, the show faced boycotting but instead was forced to show a disclaimer saying how none of the characters are similar to real life people. Each main character and their different stories target a certain audience demographic: Ja'mie is without doubt directed at girls with topics, discussion and cultural references that only girls can appreciate, Jonah is certainly intended for young boys with the swearing and misbehaving at school and not to mention the tonne of phrases that can be repeated like "Puck you miss", "Dicktation" and "Fobs". Mr.G is a tricky one as he takes many cheap shots at targets like disabled kids, unattractive kids, animals and of course deceased people which is recommended to people with tougher skin when it comes to comedy. Unlike most dark comedies Summer Heights High has flawless writing that gave the show a decent beginning, middle and end despite having only 8 episodes. Modern school life has been immaculately observed and recreated so the show is very authentic with dialogue that's so natural you couldn't imagine them ever reading of a script. Chris Lilley is mesmerizing as each of the 3 individuals and the other actors who appear in each of the 3 stories keep up with his amazing talent very well. Although the characters are outrageous they can be taken very seriously guaranteeing that more than just laughter is achieved from Summer Heights High. Summer Heights High is probably the best Australian series to come out for a long time.
  • one word FUNNY!

    This is one of the most funniest show ever! Some of the quotes Jonah says, Man it kills me! Its HILARIOUS! "Have you got your period Mrs" HAHAHA! "Mrs you killed him, Mrs look what you done Mrs" Haha there just an idea of some funny quotes! If you do watch Summer Hights has anyone seen the episode when they had to look after the Yr 7's and they took photo's of Jonah's bum and sent it to all the teachers HAHA! If you want a laugh with your mates (seriously something thats actully funny) i would definately reccomend this show!
  • An honest and confronting look at teenagers and high school. "OMG IT'S TOTALLY HOT"

    Comedian Chris Lilley takes us on a journey through one school term at Summer Heights High. If you're not familiar with Chris Lilley and his characters, in the first few scenes of episode 1 you'd almost be convinced your were about to watch a documentary about High School (I was). That is, until you meet rich private school exchange student/part time model Ja'mie King, who is played by Chris. She has to come to Summer Heights High as a part of an exchange program and experiences what it's like to be a 'Povo Public School Skank', making lots of enemies along the way. He also plays troubled teen islander Jonah Takalua whose agressive nature and smart mouth is constantly getting him in trouble with the teachers and his peers. And lastly, the eccentric and often nasty (but not gay drama teacher Greg 'Mr G' Gregson, who is producing his latest theatrical masterpiece 'Mr. G The Musical' (nee Annabel Dickson The Musical). He will stop at nothing to make sure it's FABULOUS.

    Summer Heights High is brilliant.
  • Best Australian comedy i've ever seen in my life... jonah is da meanest!!!

    Summer heights high is based around three main characters; ja'mie, mr G and my personal favourite, Jonah.
    Ja'mie is a self absorbed private school student that is transferred to summer heights high for a term. she doesn't intend to offend people by using the phrase "no offence" alot and likes to collect charity money and use it for a yr 11 formal.:P
    mr g is another self absorbed character, who beleives that his students worship him and his "talent". he loves to centre himself, and beleives he changes students lives and keep them away from drugs such as "ecstacy" and "bad habits". lmao
    jonah is a classic intimidation of your stereotypical "FOB" or fresh of the boat, if u will. he hates his english teacher, but loves the gum nut cottage. he beleives "PUCK OFF" is a sneaky way of getting himself out of trouble. he dislikes "rangas" and Keiran- the yr 7er break dancer with his all aussie crew. jonahs tag is dicktation, which is shown by him drwing a dick and then writing the word tation.

    After Jonah gets kicked out of school for ever, he leaves his mark EVERYWHERE and breaks in the middle of the street, telling cars to **** off...

    lmao...jonahs da bomb!!
  • Best Aussie comedy on telly, actually...tied with kath and Kim.

    Chris Lilley is pure genius. This is sharp, edgy and amazingly funny stuff. Week after week he produces a scarily accurate account of high school life, and provides enough quoteable quotes to last from episode to episode. He slips into every role so convincingly but a personal fav is Jonah :D , love him!! It will be sad to see it finish but lets just pray he makes another series or creates another show that tops the one that came before it, just like this was an imporvement on We can be Heroes. Keep up the good work Chris and everybody, grab yourself the DVD's and merchendise to remember such a great series.
  • Better then nothing.

    I never watched We Can Be Heroes but now i think i should have. Summer Heights High isn't to bad, it has a different type of humor which i seem to find funny. Although some of the characters are everything i hate in life i can't help but laugh when i see them on TV. The shoe follows around 3 main characters Mr. G, Ja'mie and Jonah who all ha unique personalities. Mr. G thinks he is the 'bees knees', Ja'mie is a stuck up rich girl and Jonah is a 'class clown'. Summer Heights High has a gives a unique perspective into the lives of teenagers, but the show may not last long as it is the same joke over and over again.
  • This show is even better then "We Can All Be Heroes"

    Summer Heights High is a BRILLIANT show. It's writer, Chris Lilley, is a genius and to add to that he is Australian! the best comobonation ever.

    This show is so funny as it plays on the stero-types of those three sections i.e. Islanders, teenage girls, and, Drama teachers. Its even funnier because that is how all of those three sections act. Chris Lilley is a an absolute comedy genius! When he started off in the comedy show 'Big Bite' you could tell he would make great things and he did. First with 'WCABH' and now Summer Heights High.

    This is a EXTREMELY hilarious show! I love it.
  • Chris Lilley strikes gold yet again.

    Chris Lilley plays 3 equally hilarious characters. Jonah, a rebellious islander that just cannot seem to control himself, even with the help of several teachers. Ja'mie, a popular, rich girl that is on exchange from one of the most expensive schools in Australia. And finally Mr G (Greg Gregson), a drama teacher that is completely oblivious to the fact that he is an idiot. This is very similar to his previous series, We Can Be Heroes, however this is funnier. It follows the events of these people over a school term as they get into hilarious and very often stupid situations. This is a show that surely cannot be missed, unless you find comedy to be boring, or laughing kills you.
  • One of the funniest shows on television.

    Chris Lilley once again brings Australia many, many laughs with his hilarious, yet very realistic characters : Jonah, Ja'mie and Mr G. My personal favourite is Mr G, the drama teacher, his re-enactment of many of our favourite shows, yet just plan bizarre ways of teaching and reaching out to the students is hilarious. And Ja'mie. Also a favourite of mine. ("Wife beaters and rapists are all publically educated... no offence."). It's hard not to enjoy Lilley's fresh new show, which is becoming one of the best on television. Everyone I asked loved the first episode, and I'm sure I and everyone else will enjoy the rest of the series. Bravo Mr Lilley, you've done it again!
  • Welcome to Summer Heights high. The Hilarious mockumentry that follows the antics of three hilarious characters! Each portrayed by Chris Lilley, who brought us the comic genius that was We can be Heroes! A must watch!

    The most rude, offensive but hilarious show on TV! If you loved We Can be Heroes, you really need to watch this! Brought to you by the comical genius that is Chris Lilley, you will be in stitches, and begging for more as each episode draws to a close! With three of the most lovable characters on TV, this show will make even the most critical of people laugh. Clever, witty and just outright funny! One of my new favourite shows and my favourite show to quote! Good fun for the whole family! Well except maybe kids, and those that are easily offended! Limit stretching, but all in all, a classic must watch comedy!
  • Summer Heights High is the latest TV mockumentary from little known Australian comic genius Chris Lilley. If you enjoyed his portrayal of the six nominees for Australian of the Year in "We Can Be Heroes" you will absolutely love Summer Heights High.

    As someone who came across We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the Year, only quite recently (I recommend it highly to anyone who has not had the pleasure of witnessing a true comic genius)I had looked forward to Chris Lilley's new show with real anticipation. I must admit I was not expecting it to be as good, but was pleased to find it was even better. Episode 1 introduces two new characters and one old favourite (Ja'ime, the middle class private school girl who collects Sponsor Children as most little girls might collect dolls). It was a gem of a first episode and I can't wait until next week. After the disappointment of the new series of Kath and Kim (maybe they shouldn't have sold out to the commercial networks...)finally a new king of Australian comedy.
  • i love this showc because it was fillimed at my skool and i m in the background yay

    i love this showc because it was fillimed at my skool and i m in the background and they worked dhard abd i liked doing it i hope they had fun at our skool annd they liked it g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay .
  • Chris Lilley is a comedic genius

    I can only assume that 'Untitled Chirs Lilley Project' means the mockumentury 'We can be heroes'. If it does than this show is one the of the best, if not the best, comedy offering on Australian tv in 2005. As usual, the best comedy shows are from the ABC (Kath and Kim, etc) and We can be heroes is no exception. The fact that Lilley played all six main characters is brilliant in its own. Most people (the ones who weren't sucked in) thought that Lilley's character Jai'me King, the Sydney schoolgirl, was the best but i thought that the Melbourne Chinese student, Ricky Wong, was funny and well played. Lilley's portrayl of the surburban housewife, Pat Mullins, was perfect and he caputured the feminine mannerisms wonderfully. I think that the fact that people got sucked in is a testament to the high standard of Lilley's acting. I highly recommend that people watch this show. It's sure to give you a chuckle, if not a belly laugh

    We Can Be Heroes
    Premise: Mockumentary about 6 people in the running to be Australian of the year. All 6 characters are played by Chris Lilley with naration by Australian journalist Jennifer Byrne.

    Lilley's portrayal of the 6 characters are a delight to watch with spot on performances from a wide variety of very different characters. Performances are so lifelike that many viewers have been sucked in, believing that this is a series about real people.

    My personal favourite character is the QLD cop, who saved several children from a jumping castle accident.

    This series is bound to become a true comedy classic and will have you on the floor laughing.