Summer Heights High

ABC1 (ended 2007)


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  • One of the funniest shows ever!!!!!

    This show is a mockumentory set in a public school focusing on 3 characters all played by the talented Chris Lilley.

    There is the self-involved drama teacher Greg Gregson (Mr G) who is working on a musical about a student who has recently died that some how turns into Mr G: The musical.

    Snobby 17 year old J'amie King who is at Summer Heights High as part of an exchange student program between public and private schools. 8th grade student Jonah Takula who is originally from Tonga and wants to be a break dancer. Jonah has behavioural and learning problems.

    Chris Lilley is a comic genius. It's a bit like when you watch Sasha Barron Cohen as Ali G and Borat you forget this is the same person playing all 3 characters.
    He competley emerses himself in these characters. I am sure he has a complete history on each character you could probley quiz him he could answer any question you had straight away. Highly reccommend this show.

    Just want to reply to a critism from spears5 below who said the show was cancelled after 10 episodes this is not true there was always only going to be 8 episodes of this series. That is how it was written. The show was a big hit in Australia and dominated the ratings with Spicks and Specks and The Chaser. It ws such a hit that the DVD is still in the top 10 more then 6 months after it was released.