Summer Heights High

ABC1 (ended 2007)


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  • Summer Heights High is pure genius, never seen before. Coming from a fifty year old female 6th grade teacher in central Illinois. We want more Chris. I also want to see you on the talk show circuit, can't get enough. Also looking for a Jonah T-shirt.

    Genius, so convincing. Chris Liley must have spent hours observing children with behavior disorders,aka Jonah, take it from a teacher. Funniest portrayals I've ever seen in my life and yet I wanted to cry for Jonah in the last episode. I lived for each episode and the discussions I would have afterwards with my son and three step sons. We quote daily from the show when we see each other. Chris Liley, you are my hero. I want to get the word out and make your show number one. Please tell me season II on its way. I can't wait to purchase Season I DVD.