Season 2 Episode 12

Careful What You Wish For

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2005 on The WB
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Careful What You Wish For
When Bradin saves his friend Bryce's life after a surfing accident, Bradin is offered a chance at a career. Jay reports a robbery in his shop that is closer to home than he hoped for. Lastly, Susannah has problems of her own in her new serious relationship.moreless

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  • this episode was totally awesome and especially cuz SHOTGUN VEGAS was featured in it., they really rock, but I really liked the part when he was leaving but then didn\'t that was amazing!!!! but yeah overall the episode was sweet Caaaaaaaaallllliforrrnnnimoreless

    SHOTVEGAS!!!!!!!! nolan, you crack me up!!!! keepin it creepy 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the sequel to 4 star sattelite and the prequel to Augustana, Del Mar california, heck yesssssssssss, nol\' just remember \"snails see the benefits of every inch\" don\'t ever forget it !! don\' ever
  • Bradin saves Brice from Drowning than realizes Brice is giving him bad advice, Susana’s romance with Matt hits a roadblock, Ava and Johnny become closer and Derrick who acts out because of Jay’s growing attachment to Isabel and her son, Danny.moreless

    As this series winds down pieces continue to fall into place. Jay and Isabel are becoming closer. Susana is entering into a committed relationship; Nikki and Derrick have adjusted to living in Playa Linda instead of Kansas. Bradin who adapted first is starting to realize that life as a “surf bum” no matter how successful he may be right now is a dead end road and he needs to grow up and go to college. And finally Ava is ready to commit to Johnny but it is unclear if they will get married or even sleep in the same bed by the end of the series.

    Summerland has been best when it does what it started out to be; a story of a unique family facing life’s hurdles and conquering them together. Unfortunately the WB did not choose to renew the series for a third season and next week will be the final episode. If you like me have enjoyed this series be sure to catch the last installment. 26 episodes are not enough for syndication so it is hard to say where you will have a chance to see the episode repeated.

  • Bradin is considering a career in medicine, and Bryce is pulling him towards surfing. Nikki is trying to help Bradin with his decisions. Ava and Johnny are coming around towards each other, and Jay is trying to be a fether to Derrick...however it isn\'t wmoreless

    This was one of my favorite episodes of the whole series!! I can\'t believe that they cancelled summerland! It was an amazing show...especially this episode!!! Jesse McCartney is an amazing actor and did a great job with some of the more serious scenes in this episode. I
  • Wow this episode was really good.

    All i have to say is that i liked it. This episode was a really good episode! And i like that fact that Bradin is thinking about being a doctor. But i just can't believe what Bryce was saying about him. I couldn't believe that Derrick would steal that skateboard off of Jay and lied about it. I never thought Derrick would be like that. But i really did like this episode and i really would like to see it again.moreless
Gary Weeks

Gary Weeks


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Danielle Panabaker


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Steve Talley


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Elijah Alexander

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Alexandra Barreto

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    • (Bradin is trying to tell Brice that he is going to be something other than a surfer)
      Brice: Dude, wake up and smell the cervezas! Even if you're the greatest doctor in the world your life is never going to be better than this. You got plenty of time to be a loser. What's your rush?
      Bradin: Thank you Brice.
      Brice: For what?
      Bradin: Making this a whole lot easier.

    • (Susannah is saying that her relationship with Matt is over)
      Susannah: I think that that ship has sailed.
      Ava: Oh Susannah, look at me and Johnny. Ships don't sail unless you let them.

    • (Johnny and Ava are talking about Susannah and Matt but the subtext is about their relationship)
      Johnny: What advice would you have…for them?
      Ava: Well I would tell…them… that they shouldn't give up so easily and that if it's worth it, it's worth waiting for.
      Johnny: So Derrick graduates high school when?

    • Nikki: (To Brice) So when did you become Bradin's life coach?

    • Bradin: When he took that first breath it was the biggest rush ever.
      Nikki: Sounds like how you used to talk about surfing.
      Bradin: No, this was better than surfing.

    • Danny: You're going to tell Jay you took it right?
      Derrick: Nah, probably not.
      Danny: Then doesn't that mean you stole it? Won't he get mad?
      Derrick: Well if you took something from your mom it wouldn't be stealing would it?

    • Ava: (to Susana) Well it looks like you're not the only one in this house dating Matt.

    • Ava: Hey, little lunch?
      Johnny: Oh yeah, last night's dinner, tonight's lunch.
      Ava: Speaking of dinner...
      Johnny: The Yucatan, yeah I've been thinking about that place.
      Ava:You have?
      Johnny: Well, we did have a bit of history in there.
      Ava: Yeah.
      Johnny: You may not remember but the Yucatan was the place we had our second date.
      Ava: Third date.
      Johnny: Ah. I remember you looked so beautiful.
      Ava: And I remember you made me laugh.
      Johnny: Guess it's like things coming full circle, in a good way.

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