Season 1 Episode 11

Life In A Fishbowl

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 03, 2004 on The WB



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    • Ava: What are your thoughts on, fighting mexicans with a musket?

    • Johnny: Reenactment? What is that, like, dress up? I always wondered who the people were who did that stuff.
      Ava: Well, now you know.

    • Ava: (in response to Nikki's principal's comment) Is that your way of asking someone out on a date?

    • Nikki: Should I keep going or am I taking this role reversal thing to far?

    • Susannah: It's no wonder I haven't had a date since the Jurassic.

    • Adam: (to Callie) I've been defeated at Green Lanterns trivia. By a surfer! I need to go drink something green.

    • Bradin: What are we, 12?
      Callie: I wish!

    • Tyler: Do they teach little girls to play like that in Beverly Hills?
      Susannah: No, they teach them to play piano and the mommies won't give them their allowance unless they practice.
      Tyler: Does that get them to practice?
      Susannah: No 'cause their daddies already gave them a credit card.

    • Susannah: (singing and playing guitar)
      It's been three weeks,
      and that's how it ends,
      I've talked to me shrink,
      and all of my friends,
      I thought this love was great,
      I thought it would work,
      now I realize,
      that your just a jerk.
      So thank you, thank you,
      for never calling me back.

    • Derrick: (to Johnny about Ava) You're the one she wants.

    • Jay: (to Ava) You know last week, before the fashion show, the person behind the half open door maybe wanted to open it. If your interested, he left for the beach about ten minutes ago.

    • Nikki: And it might mean closing a door that you've been keeping kinda half open since before I was born.
      Ava: Well if someone behind that door wanted it open, I think he would have opened it.

    • Callie: Don't look at me that way.
      Bradin: What way?
      Callie: The way I want you to.

    • Nikki: Can the ulitimate player find love in just one girl?
      Cameron: Well, maybe that girl.

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