Season 1 Episode 1

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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2004 on The WB
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Pilot (1)
Nikki receives an unexpected invitation from her Aunt Ava to go to California but her mother is annoyed that it will interrupt her school work. So the relationship between mother and aunt is somewhat strained when neighbors in Kansas ask for help in a serious emergency.
Ava receives a phone call saying that her sister and brother-in-law were killed in an accident and her life is changed forever when she inherits their three children. Bradin is the oldest, who learns to adapt to the change by taking up surfing. Nikki, who is the middle child, stays up in her room and tries to take over the mother figure role. Lastly, Derrick tries to figure out how to give his mother a birthday present in heaven.moreless

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  • Great intro!

    Ava lives in California with her friends, Susanna, Jay and Johnny. When her sister and brother-in-law die in a storm in Kansas, Ava must take in their three kids, Bradin, Nikki, and Derrick. Bradin is really sad about his parents' death, but later, he enjoys the beach with Erika, who teaches him how to surf. Nikki tries to be the "mother" by cooking and trying to make sure that Derrick and Bradin are in line. Derrick just wants to send a present to his mom in heaven. Ava has no clue on parenting.

    This episode was really good! It introduced the story, characters and setting pretty well. I did get confused on some of the people at first. There are a lot of familar faces like Lori Loughlin (Full House), Jesse McCartney (Singer/Kingdom Hearts II), Kay Panabaker (Phil of the Future), and Merrin Dungey (Alias). I enjoyed watching this, but I think that the emotional impact on Bob and Karen's death wasn't that sad to me because we only saw them for like 5 minutes. It's still tragic, but it would've been more emotional for viewers if we had at least spent an episode with them. Well, I give this episode a 9.0 out of 10!moreless
  • This was the best episode of the whole season, I totally loved this episode. The beginning was so sad because of the tragedy that happened, but then everything goes bananas when Ava decides to take the children back to her home to raise them!!!!!moreless

    Everyone tries to make this new arrangement work accept for Nikki, so acted like a spoiled BRAT! It made me want to just walk up to her and slap her silly. But other than that I totally loved this episode, It was my absolute FAVORITE episode of the whole season, and I only started watching this show when I first saw this heartwarming episode. It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SAD!!!!

    in the first episode of Summerland three young childrens parents are killed in an accident which results in them having to go and live with their Aunt Ava who lives all the way in California and they live in kansas. She lives with her 3 other friends. Bradin the oldest does not want to go and feels weird about leaving all his friends. Nikki the second oldest and the only girl in the family can not make herself live with the fact that her parents are dead and treat the people around her like crap. Derek the youngest is trying to find ways to make his life work their and gets friends.moreless
  • Good show

    This pilot shows that the show has potential and comedy AND drama. It's a lot of things in one.

    Jesse McCartney and Kay Panabaker look a little young to me, but it was filmed awhile ago, right? It was never really made clear to me how their parents died. It was rainy and then Jesse was crying. And it broke my heart to see those kids and Ava sad. It was horrible.

    But I did think it was very funny when Derek walkied in on his aunt in the shower. And when the other guy's girlfriend got in bed with Derek. Poor thing!!

    It was also sad that he wanted to send his parents a gift. It broke my heart. he's such a sweet kid!

    Great episode though. One of the better pilots.moreless
  • Sad

    It just made me cry how the kids tried to live in their new life style . I no what they have been through (:.P jk) but it was cute that Derrick tried to send a b day presend to heaven but Ava told Derrick that u could not send presnets to heaven . But At the end was crazy someone was doing this , that , whatever , whenever , blah , blah ok now you get it . This is the stuff that Ava , Jay , and Susana are going to have to deal with their lives everydaymoreless

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