Season 2 Episode 11

Safe House

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2005 on The WB
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Safe House
When Bryce's sister Faith comes to town, Bradin becomes attracted to her, even after Bryce warns him to stay away. Ava asks Johnny to move back into the house. When Nikki goes to visit Cameron, his dad throws him back into the house. Nikki talks to Ava about what she saw and Cameron soon starts staying at their house, until Kyle, Cameron's father, comes looking for him.moreless

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  • This was one of my favorite episodes.

    Zac was so cute when he was younger. I really like the realationship between cameron and kay (i can't think of her charather name right now). His father was going crazy because he felt that his life was terrible. By him and his wife getting a divorce and cameron being the only good thing in his life right now. Though he got drunk and hit cameron and that happen to another dude in the house ( i forgot his name too) by his mother doing the same thing that his father did to him. I love this show, to bad it got cannceled.moreless
  • In this episode its found out that Camerons dad is abusing him. Nikki tries to help by asking her Aunt Ava to let him stay with them.

    This episode really got me. I think its great though. It shows the love between Nikki and Cameron and Cameron and his dad. Even though Cameron knew what his dad was doing was wrong he still tried to stick it out. But when things got bad and Nikki intervined he got angry but realised she was doing it because she loved him. When Cameron's dad later showed up at the house to get Cameron I freaked... I was like "NO!". Luckily Ava and Johnny talked him down and got him to go get the help he needed. It is such a tear jurker and I really like how it ended. Cameron and Nikki got to be together and Camerons dad went to go get the help that he needed. Needless to say I am a Zac Efron fan!!! LOL! Love his role as Cameron on Summerland...!!!!moreless
  • Cameron stays at Nikki's house because his dad is abusing him

    This is so sad. I was crying when I watched cameron tell nikki about his dad. it must be so hard for him since his dad is abusing him. I just wanted to give him a hug but Nikki told him everything would be okay and that she was here for him. She gave him a hug and would not let go. It was ssssooooo sweet! I love this episode!
  • This had to be the most emotional episode of Summerland that I have seen. I was nearly crying along with Cameron when he was talking about how he knew his dad would change. Truly a wonderful episode.moreless

    Wow is all I can really say. This episode had me close to tears after watching it. I felt so bad for Cameron, having to carry such a burdon on his back and for Nikki who was hiding this secret from Ava, since Cameron had asked her to. You could tell that she just wanted to tell Ava about what was going on after the episode "Signs." Yet because of the fact that she loves Cameron, she didn't. I'm glad she did in this though.

    I have never been a victim of physical abuse, but have read about it, both factual and in fan fiction. It is scary and really makes a person lose their self confidence (at least that is what I read). Anyway, this was a good episode to show because it gave new insight to people who don't know what child abuse is or what it's like. Great acting by all. I just wanted to jump into my TV and give Cameron a hug. he is so lucky to have such a big support system. Had the show gone on, I wonder if there would be an episode where Kyle comes home and we would get to see if he had truly stopped drinking or not ... or if he even went to that place at all.moreless
  • Cameron's father's serious drinking problem and his physical abuse of Cameron cause Ava and Nikki to act. Braden meets Brice's sister, Faith, who is far more motivated than Brice. The budding romance between Jay and Isabel continues. Ava asks Johnny to momoreless

    In a summer crammed full of reruns and unscripted shows Summerland offered the possibility of a break in the tedium. Unfortunately its return two weeks ago was one of the poorer shows of the series and with the series canceled the future doesn't look that much brighter. This week's serious problem is Cameron's father's serious drinking problem and his physical abuse of Cameron. A brighter development involves Braden who meets Brice's sister, Faith, who is far more motivated than Brice. She affects Braden's thinking in a positive manner. Other developments are the budding romance between Jay and Isabel and Ava who asks Johnny to move back into the house.

    The fact that this series has been canceled is obvious as the countdown reaches two (more episodes). Storylines are firming as we see characters settling down for a future after the series concludes. If you care for the characters and the series at least they have time to reach a point where the series can conclude. It will not be as disjointing as it often is when cancellation occurs in midstream. Last season's WB offerings that were not renewed include "The Mountain" and "Jack and Bobby". The former ended with no resolution of ongoing story lines and the latter finished with a hurried episode that at least answered some of the big question that had been raised during the season.

    That said, we see the characters in Summerland heading for an unclear ending. Ava and Johnny seem to be ready to reunite for the first time since the early episodes. We know that they had a thing several years ago but Ava wasn't ready to settle down so Johnny had settled for being friend rather than lose her permanently. Ava almost married Simon but walked out at the last moment when Nikki told all at the rehearsal dinner that Ava belonged with Johnny.

    Johnny was in love and living with Mona until she was killed off during the hiatus this spring. Not they are back under the same roof and becoming close again. Could another wedding be in the future?

    Braden has gone from Kansas' farm boy to So Cal surfer in just two seasons. He has consistently been the big draw attracting large ratings from the preteen female demographic. Jesse McCarthy's Good looks and a successful CD along with appearances on MTV's TRL have built him into a teen idol. His character quickly transition from "the new guy" to beach stud and finally professional surfer. Lately he seemed to be headed to a live as a surf bum until in this episode a new girl, Faith, got through to him. This relationship is a little disconcerting as Faith is played by Danielle Panabaker who is the older sister of Kay Panabaker who plays Braden's sister Nikki. The family resemblance between the two sisters is so striking that it almost seemed like incest for Braden to have a romantic interest in Faith.

    The romance that started just two weeks ago between Jay and Isabel seems headed for a happy ending. Jay has always been the stereotypical single guy (as Isabel reminds us). His one semi-serious fling was last summer with Erika. However, when she started redecorating his apartment Jay freaked. Taylor Cole who plays Erika was omitted from the credits of this episode and may be off the series from this point. Isabel allows Jay to explore the idea of settling down and this storyline may also be headed for a happy ending.

    Cameron and his father may not be settled. Whatever, Cameron and Nikki seem to be as committed to each other as much as a junior high school couple can be. Having Cameron living in the same house would usually preclude continued romance and whether Kyle will return from rehab before the conclusion is problematical. This may be the storyline that will carry the drama in next week's episode.

    Whatever else, this episode is a transitional one and as such leaves us with more questions than answers. Two more to go

C. Thomas Howell

C. Thomas Howell

Kyle Bale

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Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz


Guest Star

Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph

Police Officer

Guest Star

Alexandra Barreto

Alexandra Barreto

Isabel Luna/Isabella Luna

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Elijah Alexander

Elijah Alexander

Matt Carlson

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    • (After Ava and Johnny explaining to Kyle he needs rehab.)
      Cameron: Dad I need you to do this. I want you to do this. I want my dad back.

    • Susannah: Since when do you care if you can't see the same woman in the same week? Whoa, is this serious?
      Jay: Maybe it could be if she gave it a chance.
      Susannah: What did you tell her? Maybe we should ride the waves see where this takes us?

    • Ava: I can't believe Kyle is doing this to his son.
      Johnny: I can. Drunks aren't known for their good judgment or their good parenting.

    • Faith: (about Brice) Don't be seduced by his cool dude charm, he's not a real friend.
      Bradin: And you are?
      Faith: I'm trying to be.
      Bradin: By ragging on your brother?
      Faith: By telling you something you need to hear even if you don't want to. I know what you're thinking. That's never going to happen to you. It won't if you at least consider all of your options including college. Think about that the next time Brice asks you for something.

    • Isabel: What happens when he wakes up and he asks why you're still here or you get tired of hanging with me and my kid? What then?
      Jay: Okay! Why go there when we don't even know what is going to happen yet?
      Isabel: We know what's going to happen.
      Jay: What?
      Isabel: You're a single guy.

    • Isabel: That was nice.
      Jay: Just nice?
      Isabel: I was talking about breakfast. Who knew you were such a good cook?
      Jay: Eggs and bacon are kinda hard to screw up.
      Isabel: Last night was nice too.

    • Brice: (about Faith) I even can't believe we come from the same womb. She hates everything I love, especially surfing.

    • Susannah: (to Nikki and Cameron) Well, don't do anything I wouldn't do!
      Ava: (Hits Susannah in a disapproving manner) Go ahead, enjoy yourselves.
      Susannah: What did I say?
      Ava: Do you have to shine a light on their raging hormones?

    • (Cameron is being abused and Nikki invites him to stay with her)
      Nikki: Cameron is staying here.

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