Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2005 on The WB
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Several months have passed, and Bradin, who has just returned from his surf tour in Hawaii, is asked by his sponsor to replace Jay with a top sports manager who can turn him into a major media star. Meanwhile, Nikki learns something troubling about Cameron's home life, and Ava returns from a business trip to Milan when she hears that something has happened to Mona. Old flames reignite between Ava and Johnny, although it may be too much for Johnny.moreless

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  • My favorite episode from this show.

    I love everthing about this episode. I can't remember everything since it's been a while since i seen it. Cameron has to deal with his father abusing him because he can't deal with his home taking away from him, he realizing that him and his wife are over and having to paid it off. He tells Niki not to tell any one. She does because she loves him and doesn't want him to hurt any more. This show shown me that Zac Efron can really act baby did you see those tears. I always knew Kay could act but her sister is a little bit better i think.moreless
  • This is the episode where Nikki finds out that Camerons dad is abusive.

    This is so sad. Nikki finds out that Cameron's dad is abusive. Cameron is played by Zac Efron. He was also in High School Musical. This episode is really sad but nikki is there for Cameron. I felt so bad for him. This is one of my favorite episodes! You have got to see it!
  • The series resumed with an episode that resets all the major characters. Ava and Colby are on a sales trip to Europe and Braden is in Hawaii when Susanna summons them all back home. They return to a funeral, but who died?moreless

    Summerland was designed as a family drama along the lines of another Aaron Spelling production, Seventh Heaven, which each week offers simple solutions for complex problems. Summerland uses an unconventional nuclear family as Ava enlists her roommates to fill parental roles for Braden, Nikki and Derrick. Johnny becomes a surrogate father for Derrick, Jay and his girl friend Erika act as Braden's advisor and surfing coach; Susana aids Ava as a role model for Nikki. Conceptually this scenario allowed the show to take on a variety of modern problems. Braden struggles to prove that he belongs among the very territorial surfers and becomes involved with a beautiful but troubled girl. Nikki faces the problems associated with being a "new kid" in junior high school. Derrick bonded with Johnny and somehow all three children quickly adjusted to their new environment.

    The presence of pop music idol Jesse McCartney who plays Braden makes Summerland most popular with pre teen and teen-age girls but for the show to survive it needs a wider appeal and the writing needs to be better. The plots in this second season are not on a level of last summer's offerings and using nine of its second season episodes in the middles of the season caused the show to lose it's natural audience. Trying to use Seventh Heaven as a lead in placed Summerland at nine o'clock on a school night which might be too late for it's main demographic and thus the need for better scripts to widen the audience.

    Sadly, Summerland resorted to gimmicks and borderline guests stars (Carmen Electra) instead of solid creative writing and the show failed to grow its audience. Back on the air this summer the storyline still drags with the result that this episode became trite and painful. With four more episodes planned this summer it may be a short season for Ava, Johnny, Susan, Jay, Braden, Nikki and Derrick.moreless
  • Omg! one of the best episodes ever! we are so close to johnny and Ava.

    O.k we almost finally saw it this episode. Johnny and ava almost fully kissed! but of course the dumba*s phone had to ring and so we havt to wait another whole week to see if johnny and ava will finally hook-up, hopefully it will be this week, can the producers just stop teasing us and finally have them together! please for my sake!
  • it's Just One of the best episodes with two exaptions, the death of a caracter who at the begining wasn't very mutch nice but now that we all lost it we kind of miss it. And The other exaption was the end, come on....moreless

    it's just one of the best episodes with two exaptions, the death of a caracter who at the begining wasn't very mutch nice but now that we all lost it we kind of miss her. And The other exaption was the end, come on....Everybody wanted that classic end style with unt Ave and Jonny meeting in a slow motion take finding thamselves finally after so mutch problems last season, but i guess now they are going to start all over again to run one to the other, and we might have THE KISS in the end of this season.moreless

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    • Ava: What are my options?
      Susanna: Well for one you have to go! If you don't it will kill the company. Two Johnny advised you to get on that plane basically letting you know he's not ready. Me, I like number three.
      Ava: And what's that?
      Susanna: Get on with your life. If it's meant to happen it will happen.

    • Ava: I do not know if I can compete with ice cream and Oreos but here goes. If Cameron says it's not about you, maybe it isn't.
      Nikki: Maybe but he isn't talking.
      Ava: He's a guy. They often take the emotionally inarticulate route.

    • Erika: Why do I get this feeling that were going to know each other for a very long time.
      Bradin: I hope so.

    • Erika: You got good. Learned a lot since you went to Hawaii?
      Bradin: I didn't have much else to distract me.
      Erika: So things worked out for the best then.
      Bradin: Maybe you're right. You know I tried to call but every time I did Jay was around.
      Erika: So we're cool?
      Bradin: So cool.

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