Sumomomo Momomo

TV Asahi (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • To the Usual Days
      To the Usual Days
      Episode 22
      Koushi and Momoko face off against Tenga Koganei in order to get the antidote. But as the sun starts to set Koushi may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Momoko.
    • Respective Thoughts...
      The group are still attempting to retrieve the anitdote and Iroha and Hanzo face off against Tenten.
    • Together with Fate...
      When Koushi and Momoko are poisoned by the Tenga Clan they have only one week to retrieve the antidote. After training for one week they decide to raid the Tenga house and take the antidote by force.
    • The Maid Has Come!
      The Maid Has Come!
      Episode 19
      A woman claiming to be an unemployed maid moves into the apartment building. Although she initially seems kind and helpful it soon becomes clear that she is an assassin sent to kill Koushi.
    • Welcoming Party at Yaminabe!?
      With Koushi's house in ashes he must move into the same apartment building as Iroha, Hanzo and Tenka. As such they decide to throw him a welcome party.
    • Lashing Tiger`s Siblings
      After Koushi and Momoko discover an injuerd Tenka he tells them that his siblings are coming to kill Koushi. However, when they do arrive Tenka attempts to stop them.
    • Way to Break Fatigue
      Momoko decides to take the advice of a television program to get Koushi to notice her. Things only get worse when Iroha and Hanzo try to help out.
    • The Love of Saigou
      The Love of Saigou
      Episode 15
      Saigo meets the girl of his dreams after a run in with some thugs. However, she is actually a gifted martial artist and assassin. She is then given a choice: Kill Koushi, or Saigo will be killed.
    • The Chaos of Love in the Haunted House
      The ghost of a girl long thought dead resurfaces at the schools cultural festival. It is rumored that she died before being able to confess to Koushi's father. As such Koushi agrees to date her so that she can rest peacefully in heaven.
    • Confrontation of Rivals! The Horse and the Tortoise
      When a new female teacher starts at Koushi's school Sanae suspects that she is actually an assassin. As such she sets about confirming her suspicions.
    • The Day of a Cold, Hanzou`s Situation
      When both Koushi and Hanzo get a cold Hanzo becomes jealous of the attention that Iroha is giving to Koushi. In order to get his revenge he decides to impersonate Koushi.
    • Heaven`s Punishment Warrior Horse Mask, Arrives
      Hikaru, Sanae's fiancé is furious with Koushi for 'stealing' her away. As such he tries to duel with Koushi causing more than a few problems for Sanae.
    • Sanae`s Fiance Appears
      When Sanae's fiancé arrives he tries to prove to her that he is worthy of her hand in marriage. However, Sanae is more concerned with keeping her real identity a secret.
    • Heroine`s Disappointing Love
      Sanae struggles to protect Koushi from danger without revealing her true identity as a member of the horse family of the Zodiac Masters. To make matters worse she also has to deal with her unrequited love for him, whilst being thought of only as his best friend.
    • The Kouhai that Calls the Storm
      After Iroha and Hanzo join Koushi's class at school, Iroha tries to help Momoko convey her feelings to Koushi.
    • Bonds that Cannot Be Seen
      Koushi talks with his father about his marriage to Momoko and starts acting nicer towards her. However he soon reverts to his old ways and hurts her feelings. As such he must try to make it up to her.
    • Assassination of the Tiger, Reality!
      Tenka Koganei of the Tiger family is dispatched to assassinate Koushi. However, when he develops feelings for Momokohe ends up fighting for her affections.
    • Clash! Momoko vs. Iroha
      Iroha plots yet another assassination scheme. But when Koushi and Momoko show her around the park she loses her nerve. Unfortunately Hanzo is on hand to try and finish the mission.
    • Humanity and Justice Is Not an Assassination Plan
      Iroha hatches numerous schemes to try and assassinate Koushi. However, after spending so much time around him she develops feelings for him and is unable to carry on with her plots.
    • Caught at the Zoo
      Koushi is looking forward to a relaxing day at the zoo, even if he is going with Momoko. However, a plot by Iroha leads to the release of animals from their cages and a polar bear attack!
    • Naturally Exploding Girl
      Back at school Momoko joins Koushi's class, and things only get worse from there. When the gym leader becomes jealous of Koushi's popularity with the female students Momoko is challenged to an athletics competition. The prize is Koushi's class credit, and his future in academia.
    • The Strongest Fiancee on Earth
      Inuzuka Koushi is shocked when a very strange and skilled female martial artist named Kuzuryuu Momoko appears in his life. She claims to be his finacee and wants to marry him so they can produce a strong martial artist child together. however, Koushi is far from keen especially considering that Momoko looks like she is only 10 years old!moreless