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  • a blessed respite

    Mr. Hartman's almost weekly reports are the most enjoyable minutes of television I experience. Sweet without the syrup, warm without the fire, Mr. Hartman tells tales of the best of us without applause or accusation. He has the best job in media and does it beautifully.

    Thank you.
  • so disappointed

    Todays show about guns was so one-sided. My husband & I have noticed for some time now that the program is more & more conservative. We have watched it from the beginning and always enjoyed it as it seemed to tell both sides of the story. We always got up and took our breakfast in to watch the show. We have had several mornings lately where we change the channel because it is so one-sided now. Sorry to say it is looking like a lost tradition in our house.
  • Forgotten Scientific hero's Death

    Disappointed listening to 2015 deaths they left out Dr James Jude. 337&Itemid=285

    This link is his story, a quiet unassuming man who saved millions of lives with the development of external cardiac massage. He should be mentioned over people who didn't contribute to the world & it's people. 60 minutes has a chance to do it tonight.
  • Sunday Morning

    In my opinion, Sunday Morning is one of the best shows on TV. I actually get up at 7:30 . to get ready to watch it. I enjoy the "Sun" images and hope there will someday be a book with all of them

    featured along, with the artists.
  • CBS News Sunday Morning Show.

    This is ninety minutes news program devoted to up - to - date news, weather, television reviews, and more.
  • Sunday Morning-today-from a soldier

    "I may be more whole now than I have ever been in my life" a quote from a soldier that had lost both his legs and his right arm in battle. Those words resonate with me so much because I have realized divine moments in the darkest times and who better to bring that point home than a wounded soldier whose life is altered forever.

    Life is measured much with things, wealth, power-and next in line is appearance-which is usually thin and perfect and where nature fails there is always Photoshop to fill in the imperfections. Our children are taught what is successful and what is of worth by the bombardment of the media with images of what is beautiful and what is considered successful while well meaning parents insist the opposite is true. Bullies are celebrated on the news and in every fashion and tabloid blurb as the line between tabloid trash and news blurs. In the midst of a lack of empathy and respect for our neighbor, we try to teach our children that bullying is wrong. Trophies and fabricated accolades boost our children's self esteem on a weak and empty foundation while the powers that be insist we don't keep score. I believe that these are all flaws of living in a world that rejects the divine and where science attempts to explain all miracles. The statement that the soldier made would turn our secular utopia on its ear on the premise of logic if nothing else.

    How could one be whole and feel joy when their legs and limbs are gone, that which we consider basic necessities to our fulfilled life. This is where nature and the divine directly contradict our whole idea of what is good and meaningful. I watched Sunday morning today, something I have mentioned in previous entries, and I finally realize and can articulate why I love this show so much. The show celebrates people, their struggles and successes and connects us with how life is not the tidy or perfect and how meaning and worth far transcends our mere appearances. The quirks in us make the mundane amazing, our failures make successes valuable and our lives are measured by the wisdom and joy of our experiences not the worth of our belongings. Stories of the unattractive, by media standards, that become the leading actor or the successful face to launch a campaign are celebrated and people that find new lives and possibilities in the darkest times.

    Back to that soldier, he was singing Leonard Cohen's' Hallelujah and only after losing his limbs realizes its meaning. He is singing with Roger waters with other soldiers who have all lost limbs or eyes and they are finding worth, meaning in their lives that have been altered, to me this is a testament to find worth in our lives despite tragedy or the misfortune. I see the divine as the miracle that fills those gaps and make our struggles and failures mean something. While we have lost and suffer calamites, against all logic, we are never more whole.

  • Eating baby animals

    I had to switch channels when you did the feature on Cuban barbecue featurnung a cooked 5 lb. sucking piglet....I find eating baby animals offensive and a bad commentary on mankind. Please be more sensitive to those of us who share this opinion.
  • The President's Title is "President"

    I just watched Sunday Morning and I really do like the show. BUT, I heard something that just bugs me. The president should always be addressed as "President Obama", not "Mr. Obama". When the president is disrespectfully referred to as 'Mr.', it shows a news slant that is obvious and undesirable. Even retired presidents are addressed as 'President'. Come on, quit trying to degrade the president and be sure to respect his official title. This happens frequently on FOX channels. Shame on the commentators who do this and shame on the their writers for allowing it.
  • Few people probably know about this Sunday Morning gem. A great news-magazine program that's worth Tivoing.

    This is one of my favorite news-magazine tv shows. Every Sunday they cover a vareity of topics including: current events, art, politics, music, and more.

    A great show with great hosts. Well worth the look.

    Past shows have included pieces on the war, Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, and the Tsunami.
  • Great way to start the week!

    This is one of very few shows that I watch every week and record if I can't be home to see it. Great reporting, with a friendly and casual approach.

    There's a delightful variety in the style and approach of each of the regular correspondents, and the subject matter runs the gamut from world news to environmental issues to arts & entertainment. And, regardless of the topic, the quality of each segment is very high.

    By the way, I always look forward to the 'outro' segment... the nature shots. Very nice way to close out each episode. Please add full episodes here on I would love to be able to not worry about needing to record it when I can't be home to watch it live.
  • A informative, 'gentle' show that explores modern culture, news and human interest stories.

    Sunday morning is a great alternative to those other news shows that have pundits yelling at each other over political issues. Done in documentary style, each piece is a gem within itself. The focus on the arts is wonderful. Artists, musicians and singers are showcased in an indepth way not seen in the modern "soundbite" age. Each CBC anchor/reporter can do a story on something of interest to them. Filled with trivia and Americana stories, each show is a keeper. No "indepth" news about trying to trap wrong-doers such as "60 minutes", this is a kinder, gentler news program. You'll find many people that never get featured and that truly contribute great things to the world here. Give it a try!
  • Highly intelligent show, but better when Charles Kuralt was the host.

    I've been watching CBS Sunday Morning for years and years, starting back in the 1990's when I lived in Europe. Back then, we'd watch it live at 3PM which was 9AM in New York. We didn't get a lot of life broadcasts other than CNN back then, so it was a real thrill. During Charles Kuralt's years, the show was really folksy and down-to-earth, featuring "postcards from ..." segments, from a couple of different guys in their parts of the country. I remember the Postcard from Nebraska with Roger Welsch (with whom I still correspond) and the Postcard from Maine with, I think, Tim Sample. Occasionally, Mr. Kuralt himself went on the road and did some pieces, all of which offered the viewer a slice of average American life. I have nothing against Charles Osgood personally, but he is not the host that Kuralt was. Producers and directors have changed, as has management, and the show, while interesting, doesn't have the charm (for lack of a better word) that it did during Mr. Kuralt's tenure. I don't watch it all the time now, but I'll sometimes TiVo it so I can fast-forward through the topics that don't interest me.