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Season 2017 Episode 06.11.17

"Sunday Morning" full episode 6/11


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Our broadcast, hosted by Jane Pauley, features Jim Axelrod's gripping story of survival at sea, about a fisherman who fell overboard 40 miles from shore. Also: On the 40th anniversary of "Annie," Nancy Giles meets the actresses who played the moppet during the show's original Broadway run; Anthony Mason interviews New Zealand-born singer Lorde, who is about to release her second album; Mo Rocca travels to Japan, where song-and-dance man Tommy Tune is directing an all-female troupe's production of the musical "Grand Hotel"; Rita Braver looks at the history of the Yale Repertory Theatre, where stars such as Meryl Streep first made their mark; and we meet a true street artist - Elise Engler, who has captured every block of Broadway (all 13 miles of it) on canvas.moreless
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