Sunday Morning

Season 2018 Episode 07.29.18

"Sunday Morning" Full Episode 7/29, "The Money Issue"

Full Episode: "Sunday Morning" Full Episode 7/29, "The Money Issue"


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This special broadcast of "Sunday Morning," our annual "Money Issue" with guest host Kai Ryssdal of "Marketplace," features Lee Cowan's report on a California city's experiment with providing a basic universal income to residents to battle economic insecurity. Also: John Blackstone talks about charity with actress, producer and activist Salma Hayek Pinault; Conor Knighton looks at tourism in the Galapagos Islands; Tony Dokoupil looks at how the "co-working" industry is changing our ideas of office space; Richard Schlesinger investigates how star pets on Instagram are pulling in big bucks; Michelle Miller looks at how artists and photographers are documenting labor and poverty; and Rita Braver finds a government office that will literally make good your burned, water-logged or shredded currency.moreless
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