Sunday Night Football

Sunday 9:00 PM on NBC Premiered Sep 07, 2006 In Season





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  • Bad TV

    So Al Michaels is great as usual. Chris Collingsworth is just as bad as always, extremely annoying!! Bob Costas is so bad it is hilarious. How bad do you have to be for NBC to fire you?? Evidently, world class bad as Bob Costas is, that is not bad enough!!!! What a total moron!!!! Bob find another job you are absolutely horrible as anything related to sports. I will not even suggest you are bad announcer or whatever it is that you think you are!! You are just terrible at anything I have ever seen you do!!!
  • Great except for Commentators

    Great coverage, but too much statistics and off the game commentary on subjects not relative to the game. You actually miss plays with charts and graphs. How stupid. You can easily tell they have a favorite team during a game, leave that at home! I think Al and Chris should hang it up! If it was not for the commentators, I would rate higher!
  • bigben

    cut back on at least half your commercials how much money do you need
  • officiating

    Football is played by the referees, not the players. Review has gotten out of hand. Let's play football! !
  • multicultural audience

    First faith now carrie since when did football become country? How about finding hometown talent and let them sing week to we'd like to see every team during the season not the same 7
  • Opening song

    What a letdown, almost like the show didn't start.

    Whatever Faith Hill wanted she should have been given.

    Kerry Underwood sings some kind of bubble gum version,

    doesn't fit.
  • too much back ground noise

    you can barely hear the announcers over the back gound noise. I only get this effect on NBC and ESPN. i have no problems with Fox and CBS. Does NBC do this on purpose? It is very annoying. one week i put on the radio and shut off the tv audio, it was much better.
  • Costas on Tragic death of player and woman

    My respect for Costas just fell. How can someone so smart be so wrong to blame
  • Tragic death of player and woman

    Your comment on the recent tragedy blaming firearms was wrong. If you always look for something to blame instead of trying to find the underlying problem nothing will ever get solved. If it was a gun, a knife, a bow and arrow or a car, the same results happen. It may be easier for some to use a gun but to ignore the reason behind the crime is to often used. I guess it's easier to pretend that if you remove the implement of destruction, we will be a more civil society.
  • Noise

    Is it me are is the background noise so loud I can't here Chris/Al ???
  • NBC = No Better Commentators

    We already know the NFL is the most followed and liked professional sports league in America. That's great. I love football. But on Sunday, the NFL saves the best for last as the "night game" is broadcasted on NBC, and I love Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. Cris will never be a John Madden (Madden and Michaels, though, what a team!) but he's a solid replacement and likeable guy. They both are. I'm glad Super Bowl XLVI will be broadcasted on NBC this year, with the same play-by-play guys as Sunday Night Football. Like Faith Hill says, I've been waiting all day for Sunday night!
  • How could you not like it?

    Summary : Welcome sports fans, to a new era in televised football. Contracts are up, NBC is trying to replace the legendary MNF with a sharp-looking new SNF and things will not be the way they were before. NBC will be fielding a bus of an analyst (Jerome Bettis), the insightful ex-wide receiver Cris Collinsworth and the imperturbable Bob Costas. It might also be worth mentioning that they will be featuring the tried and true, heavy-hitting commentating power of Al Michaels and John Madden. Throw in the power, speed and strength of the NFL's top teams and Sundays should prove to be an exciting night of big hits, hard falls, and spectacular football. Sunday Night Football is great, and gets better every season.
  • Its what we all watch.

    Gosh, if you don't watch Sunday Night Football, you're nuts. Football... is America's Game! America's Game! America's Game! America's Game! Okay, enough with the echo, but you get my point. I will be mad if you don't like this. Football is one of the greatest sports ever invented, and practically every American likes it. And we all need to relax after going to Church in the morning, so here should be the normal American's Sunday night schedule. Morning- Go to church. After church- Get BBQ and turn on the TV!! Are you ready for some football!?! It's the return of the great John Madden and Al Michaels!! 2007 NFL Football is on your way!!!
  • Glad to see Al & John back as I was worried.

    I love seeing my men, Al & John on there as really it is also the MNF crew that went with them. Glad that Al didn't go to ESPN or it wouldn't had been the same without him. They don't miss a beat at all. I tell you that. Glad also they got in the flex schedule, that is new putting games that are in playoff contention. Great games so far!
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