Sunday Night Heat

Season 1 Episode 2

August 9, 1998

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Aug 09, 1998 on USA

Episode Recap

Kane, Paul Bearer, and Mankind come out for an interview. Mankind talks about his match at King of the Ring. He then challenges the Undertaker to a match later tonight

Vader vs Mark Henry

Vader won by disqualification because Mark Henry wouldn't stop attacking Vader when he was hurt badly

Headbangers with Darren Drazdov vs Southern Justice with Tennessee Lee and Jeff Jarrett

The match ended in a double disqualification when both JeffJarrett and Darren Drazdov got into the ring

A video by the Insane Clown Party, the group who sings the theme song for the Parade of Human Oddities

Taka Mitchinoku with Yamaguchi-San vs X-Pac

X-Pac won with his finishing move then Kaienti came in to attack him. D-X came out to help X-Pac

Bradshaw vs Dustin Runnels

Bradshaw won

Darren Drozdov vs Jeff Jarrett with Tennessee Lee

Southern Justice comes out to ringside. Headbangers came out to even the sides. Tennessee Lee threw his boot into the ring, but Puke got it and used it and then pinned Jarrett. Then Jarrett and Lee push each other. They almost fight each other but Southern Justice and Jarrett attack Lee

Mankind with Paul Bearer and Kane vs Undertaker

Undertaker never comes out. Kane attacks Paul Bearer and Mankind. When he gets into the ring, he takes off his mask to reveal that he is the Undertaker.