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  • HEAT's not the same as it used to.

    I've been watching wrestling for over 10 years already. This show started off as Sunday Night Heat until 2005 when Spike dropped all of its WWE programming and back to the USA network. Except for Velocity and this show, you better have a flash player to stream this shows online. HEAT used to be all about the top stars of the WWE. It was live when it first came out and unlike the later years, it was basically like a 1 hr block of Smackdown or RAW. WWE really blew it when they took it off the air completely. They should have expanded more feuds instead of having wrestlers who no one knows or could care less (also known as jobbers might I add). If they were to continue doing like what they've done in its initial format, maybe WWE might make feuds something to be remembered. *sigh* I hope they do create a secondary show for one of the 3 brands.
  • From prime time to firing line.

    Originally called Sunday Night Heat and eventually being renamed to just WWE Heat this show cast the top American wrestlers of the decade. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley and The Undertaker all performed on the show when it first started. But the show ended to wrestlers such as Santino Marella (Anthony Carelli) who are a waste of space.

    Like WWE's Velocity, Heat would end up showing B card matches and jobbers who would need to perform something amazing to get a chance in today's WWE. There was nothing left for the purist wrestling fan to watch so Heat got ditched to a webcast in America and on its final episode on June 1st 2008 it got cancelled. All I can say is… good riddens.
  • I hate Raw and Heat, but Heat more.

    Heat is a show that needs to be a little more interesting. I think Smackdown and the cancled Velocity are cool and much better than this show. I watched an episode and I was like,"cheapskates!" and I think this show is bad. The first bad thing is that it is a webshow. Yes,a webshow! The next bad thing is that they have good style but the matches are about as intresting as Barney. Intrestingly enough, it seems like there are new announcers every week! Yes it is a bad show with nothing working for it. But I like Duggins!

    So, if you like WWE, do not watch Heat. But consider!
  • WWE Heat was good in the Attitude Era.

    WWE Heat was good in the Attitude Era, because back in the late 90s, the world championship would even be defended on heat, and you would see Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind, Billy Gunn & Road Dogg, and Triple H amongst others on the show. The show did however focus more on the lower card talents these past several years, which is not a problem, as it was like Velocity where there was action all the time. Heat then started to suck big time, and it truly became home to the jobbers and low cards, as you won't see mid cards unless they were tag team wrestlers. Overall, good show at first, but then there was hardly any focus on wrestling unlike Velocity, and really seemed to overemphasize what happened on Raw etc..
  • This is where I can see who is not on RAW each week.

    This is a very great show on the web. I can watch who is on the show that wasn't on RAW, Monday night! Mostly this is good to see Lance Cade in action on Heat. During his matches on Heat when he is on, I can hear what Jonathan Coachman saying about him. Never the less, Coachman squeals like a pig, because he talks about the good old days with Lance Cade. But I am thinking that Coachman or his commintator partner, Todd Grisham talks about Cade's tranner, Shawn Michaels, it drives me nuts, and I think that is why it's costing Cade's matches on Heat.
  • Heat is on via streaming video now. Heat showcases the WWE Raw matches that don't aire on WWE Raw. There's usually 3-4 matches that are held before the 2-hour WWE Raw event on Monday nights, which are known as dark matches, which are not aired o

    WWE Heat is on via streaming video now. Heat showcases the WWE Raw matches that don't aire on WWE Raw. There's usually 3-4 matches that are held before the 2-hour WWE Raw event on Monday nights, which are known as 'dark matches', which are not aired on Raw.

    WWE Heat just doesn't air 2-3 matches, but when it aired on TV, it also recaped what happened on the previous weeks WWE Raw.

    When 'Sunday Night Heat' aired on TV, it gave fans a great chance who couldn't catch Raw, to be able to sit down and get the scoop by watching Heat.

    I've enclosed WWE Heat's official website, which you can watch matches from that weeks heat, or archived matches from previous months.
  • Well i guess this is my review for WWE Velocity and not WWE Heat as i made a mistake lol.

    WWE Velocitys favorite wrestlers. Bill DeMott and Kris Kanyon were underrated, Reverend Dvon,
    we seen, Bradshaw,Farooq,Chuck Palumbo, now it seems velocity is for the crusierweight division with Kendrick,London,Nunzio,Mysterio, soon to add Jamie Noble in their roster.
    Mexicools are fighting there, scotty too hotty and funaki when will they win a single wrestling match lol.
  • heat is great

    Let me just say that i think that sunday night is great. I have always been a fan ever since it came on air over here in australia. But this weeks heat i think was the best of the ones ive seen judging just by this episode it got a 10 but overall i had to give it a 9.2. Back to this weeks episode there was not one match that bored me. I was happy to see victoria in action, very happy to see viscera win and glad the matches didnt go on forever. What more can i say i think heat is great. One of the best WWE shows.