Sunday Night Sex Show

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Sunday Night Sex Show

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Order of Canada recipient Sue Johanson hosts the award-winning talk show the Sunday Night Sex Show. Originally launched in 1996 the Sunday Night Sex Show has become one of the most recognized and talked about television series in Canada. Sue Johanson, the unstoppable host and nationally recognized sex educator, speaks with Canadians who need to talk about subjects that are often uncomfortable to share. During each program, Sue offers helpful guidance on the complex topics of love, relationships and sex. Whether it's the latest in pleasure devices from the SNSS Pleasure Chest or the annual Valentine's Day special, the Sunday Night Sex Show offers insights into revitalizing your sex life, pleasing yourself and your partner, and the latest information on STDs and sexual disorders.
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  • This need to be on American TV.

    A great talk show about a great subject ... sex. Anytime you talk about sex you have a good start to a program anyway. I think American TV is too stuffy at times. I guess some people think it goes too far. I don not understand why they do not just open things up and let people do whatever. If there is a show that has nudity and you do not like it, turn the channel and watch something else. I think that there should be more options for people not less. It is the same with smoking. Smoking is bad for people. If you are a soker and go somewhere that doesn't allow smoking, go somewhere else ... don't complain to the people that work in the non smoking business.moreless
  • Sue is one fine fox!

    I watch this show just to see that fine woman talk about sex. A She brings out the best in the topic and I hang off each word. She is the woman that taught me everything I know aobut sex, so one day in the near future I will be prepared.

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