Sunday Night

Sunday 6:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Feb 01, 2009 In Season


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  • Biggest Musical festival In The World!!!! Bollocks!!

    Watched Sunday Night tonight 27/04/2014. Article regarding Bluesfest Byron boasting this as The biggest musical festival in the world.

    What a load of bullshit!

    Whilst I accept this is a great musical event and give it the respect it deserves, why do Australians insist on feeding their audience totally inaccurate information?

    This festival is FAR from being the greatest musical festival in the world. Most of the acts are old has-beens and the whole festival managed 100, 000 attendance. Compare that with Glastonbury UK, 170, 000 per day attendees + 40-50, 000 performers, crew security etc or Donauinselfest Vienna 3.2 million attendees and over 2000 acts performing. This festival is nothing more than a rural hippy gathering.

    Get real Australia! There is a big wide world out there and most of it is light years ahead culturally. You're getting more insular by the day!