Sunday Pants

Sunday 9:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 02, 2005 Between Seasons


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Sunday Pants

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This 30-minute block that airs every Sunday on Cartoon Network displays hilarious cartoon shorts ironed and pressed for your fabricated viewing. The shorts are made by a variety of talented writers, and occasionally feature celebrity voices.
Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Announcer, Various Characters

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  • its all right

    this show is all right but most of the shorts are realy bad and some of them are good but most of them i dont get whats going on so i give it a 5 thats ok well some of them are corny but some of the shorts are good well thats my review bye.
  • Some of the shorts with different characters have either a funny apperance or a crazy behavior in each of them. Too bad this show is lost on its airings at nighttime with a new schudule for Adult Swim.moreless

    I remember this show's first airing and with its feature to show shorts in its own 30 minute time , I can asure you that if you remembered correctly , some shorts were meant to laugh with its PG rating of course. Otherwise , sometimes they act crazy in them. Now this show usually also comes in every Sunday as of which the title is called by with the usual thing to come on every night. Now the show however is on hitaus due to the fact that this show didn't earn much of its popularity like what the amount of people who watched this did. Overall , this show was good but people should've treated this show with more respect... even if it can sometimes stupid , it has plenty of laughs. A good 7 out of 10.0 is to give the reason.moreless
  • One of those seriously hilarious shows.

    This show, this show was one of the funniest shows on Earth (in my opinion). I remember tuning in to watch this show ever Sunday since it began. But lately, I've noticed the show stopped appearing on Cartoon Network.

    I remember those two logs that would be critics about vacations. Why they stopped showing it is beyond me. There was also that one with the guy and the two sides; good and bad. Ant that one with the driving test. I also liked the Show and Tell one. Good times, good times.

    The people who made this were geniuses to compile all these funny little shorts into a super funny show. One of the funniest, in my opinion.moreless

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