Sunday Showcase

NBC (ended 1960)


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  • Season 1
    • The Sacco-Vanzetti Story (pt2)
    • The Sacco-Vanzetti Story (pt1)
    • Hollywood Sings
    • Turn The Key Deftly
    • Our American Heritage: Shadow Of A Solider
      As Ulysses S. Grant is dying of cancer at the age of 63, he looks back in memory at the events of his incredible life.
    • The Devil And Daniel Webster
      In a "new" twist to the age old story, Jabez Stone's farm is in foreclosure and he remarks to his wife that he'd sell his soul to the devil to save it. Satan promptly shows up with the contract ready to be signed.
    • After Hours
    • One Loud Clear Voice
    • The Margaret Bourke White Story
    • The Indestructible Mr. Gore
      Thomas Gore has an interview with a judge in Texas for possible employment in the early 1890s. In the midst of the interview, Gore tells Judge Wingate that his goal in life is to become a U.S. Senator. He then drops the bomb on the judge that he is also totally without sight. Narrated by Thomas Gore's grandson, Gore Vidal.moreless
    • The Jimmy Durante Show: Give My Regards To Broadway
      Jimmy Durante plays host to Jane Powell, Jimmie Rodgers, Eddie Hodges and Ray Bolger as they pay tribute to fifty years of Broadway, with musical numbers from George M. Cohan to more recent popular hits.

      Featured segments include Jane Powell dancing and singing with Jimmie Rodgers; Ray Bolger displaying his skill on the drums, and The "Schnozzola" himself sings That's Entertainment and his theme song Young At Heart.moreless
    • The Practical Dreamer
    • The Light In The Dark
    • The Milton Berle Special

      Milton Berle appears as himself while Lucille and Desi will appear in their family TV roles of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. The setting is the El Rancho Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas where Berle is the headliner, Ricky the orchestra leader and Lucy is "in free flight, as usual". The story concerns the efforts of Milton and Lucy to stay one jump ahead of jewel thieves who covet a diamond ring Berle has bought as a peace-offering for his wife Ruth (played by Marian Colby).

    • A Tribute To Eleanor Roosevelt On Her Diamond Jubilee

      Former President Harry Truman, Vice President Richard Nixon chuckles about his first appearance on any program with the former President, Maurice Chevalier charms and sings, Gertrude Berg and Sir Cedric Harwicke sing "I Remember It Well", Marian Anderson's moving spirituals, Jose Iturbi's piano solo, Bob Hope's monologue, plus bits of Eddie Cantor and Jimmy Durante. Many more personalities from Helen Hayes, Sidney Poitier, Henry Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, Ralph Bellamy, Mary Martin, Joan Crawford make themselves useful at appropriate moments throughout.

    • Murder and the Android
      Several hundreds of years from now, man has successfully moved to planets and galaxies far from Earth. In this future world, androids are been created to handle all of mankind's chores and do all manual labor. James Jason Valentine has such an android, Rex, that's a little different from most. He has mean and destructive tendencies and can't be controlled.moreless
    • The Milton Berle Show

      Milton Berle hosts, and in a comedy routine, "The Two Berles," Milton shows the way he used to be and what he is today. As "The Insulters", Milton, Peter, Danny and Lana expose TV stars and shows. Lawford and Barbara Heller, satirizes TV gangster shows with "The Untouchables" renamed "The Unbearables" Danny Thomas as Scarface, Milton Berle as Bugsy Monahan, Peter Lawford as Ace the Crime Reporter and Barbara Heller as a nightclub chanteuse. Milton and Danny take a coffee break and reminisce about their careers in show business. Lana sings, "Just Turn Me Loose on Broadway" and "Taking a Chance on Love".

    • What Makes Sammy Run? (pt 2)

      Sammy Glick has all that money can buy, but lacks social position and a wife. To remedy this he woos and wins the beautiful socialite daughter of the banker who has invested heavily in his movie studio.

    • What Makes Sammy Run? (pt 1)

      Sammy Glick starts as a copy boy for a top New York daily newspaper. But the young man is ambitious and sets his goals for the top, which may involve stepping over and on whoever gets in his way.

    • People Kill People Sometimes
      A teenage daughter of a well to do couple discover not only that her folks are quickly falling apart, but that they each of them are seriously involved with other people.
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