Sunset Beach

NBC (ended 1999)


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Sunset Beach, the one-hour daytime drama from Aaron Spelling, premiered January 6, 1997. It was both Spelling's first daytime venture and the first new serial to hit the television airwaves in eight years. The show has already developed a solid fan base that Soap Opera Digest calls "remarkable for a newcomer." Set in a small coastal California community, Sunset Beach has made its mark on daytime television by combining traditional daytime drama storytelling with the natural beauty of Southern California's beach locations and is supported by a talented and ethnically-diverse cast. TV Guide has noted that "Sunset Beach has become a cult hit with growth potential" for the daytime serial viewer. This fact has become particularly true with teen viewers who enjoy Sunset's suspenseful and quirky storylines like "Terror Island," a take-off on the popular Scream movies. Also popular was the recent storyline "Shock Wave," highly publicized earthquakes followed by a treacherous tsunami which caused mayhem at the beach. Sunset Beach also blends real-life news into its storyline, such as the Presidential scandals. Sunset Beach features some of the most recognizable and popular stars on television as well as the hottest newcomers to daytime. They portray core family members and friends living in Sunset Beach who come from all walks of life-rich, poor, heroes, villains, lovers, friends and enemies. Families such as the Richards, the Deschanels, the Torres and the Cummings, are all interwoven, often coming together at the funky blues/rock club, The Deep, or at the cyber coffeehouse, Java Web. They work as police officers, lifeguards, reporters, waiters, lawyers and restaurant owners. Among the more recognizable and popular cast members on Sunset Beach are Lesley Anne Down, Sarah Buxton, Sam Behrens, Kathleen Noone, Eddie Cibrian, Jason George, Sherri Saum, Randy Spelling, Susan Ward, Tim Adams, Carol Potter, Priscilla Garita, Hank Cheyne and Clive Robertson. Sunset Beach is produced by Spelling Entertainment Inc. in association with NBC Studios. Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent and Gary Tomlin are the executive producers. Chris Whitesell and Maggie DePrieste are head writers. James Reilly is executive story consultant. (from NBC Daytime). In summer of 1999 NBC had to finish two of its soap operas and Sunset Beach was one of those two. The show finished its short three year run on December 31 1999 and it aired around 751 episodes. NBC Broadcast History (USA) January 1997 - July 1999 -- Weekdays, 14:00 PM July 1999 - December 1999 -- Weekdays, 12:00 AM "When the moon rises early just as the Santa Ana winds kick up out of nowhere and the sun is just dropping out of sight, whoever you meet at the far side of the pier is who you're destined to be with." (as said by Elaine Stevens in first episode)

Susan Ward

Susan Ward

Meg Cummings [1] (episodes 1-669, 726-755)

Clive Robertson

Clive Robertson

Ben Evans (all) / Derek Evans (episodes 256-374, 467, 673-744)

Sarah Buxton

Sarah Buxton

Annie Douglas Richards

Lesley-Anne Down

Lesley-Anne Down

Olivia Blake

Sam Behrens

Sam Behrens

Gregory Richards

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