Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 9

Episode 511

Aired Unknown Jan 18, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Antonio fantasizes about kissing Gabi, and is interrupted by Gabi's arrival. She says that he's not the only one leaving St. Joseph's, because she is being reassigned. She asks him for the answer to her question, and he tells her that the feelings he has for her are those of friendship and that he is trying very hard to keep his vows. After Gabi leaves, Antonio realizes that she loves him, too. Ricardo breaks the news to Carmen that Antonio's leaving town. When Ricardo says that Gabi agrees that it's a good idea for Antonio to leave, Carmen decides that Gabi must have driven him away. The chief offers Gabi an undercover assignment. Virginia asks Michael what happened, but he declines to answer. Vanessa arrives to see Michael, begging him to listen to her. She promises him that she's always been faithful to him in her heart, and he tries to make her see that it was her failure to tell him the truth that was the problem. After Michael left, Virginia admits that she had eavesdropped on her conversation with Michael and gives Vanessa the sharp side of her tongue, telling her that Michael's too good for her. Tyus calls Michael to talk about the baby.
When Casey notices that Meg has taken off her rings, she tells him that she took the rings off because she isn't Ben's wife. Casey offers to let Meg stay there as long as she needs to. She takes him up on the offer. Sara talks to her parents about her problems with Meg. Hank says that she did the right thing telling Meg what she thought she saw, because Ben has hurt Meg enough. Meg tells her parents that she has moved out of Ben's and she is going to move back into Surf Central. She says that she is going to be moving back into Ben's some day, maybe as soon as next week, but Hank tells her that she isn't. Meg tells Hank that nothing happened between Ben and Maria in the cave, but he doesn't buy it. Ben comes to see Maria, who tells him that she had decided not to give him a divorce. She says that she still loves him, and asks him if he still loves her. Maria marvels at how much more difficult it is to divorce Ben than she had expected it to be. When he asks her to come home, so that they can discuss the issue, Maria refuses to go home with him.Maria had planned to move back in with Carmen, but Dr. Estrada convinces them that Maria needs to continue to stay with him. After Maria and Ben return home Maria goes upstairs and Ben steps outside.Meg arrives to pick up the rest of her things, and when no one answers the door, opens it and walks in. When she goes upstairs, she sees Maria and tells her that it was Maria's house now.

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