Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 11

Episode 513

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Annie dreams that the paternity test says that Gregory is the father of Trey, and he wants to kill her -- literally. Watching Caitlin and Cole with Trey, Gregory vows that he'll destroy Cole if it turns out that he's Trey's father. Knowing that the test is that day, Annie steals some clothes from Rose's closet and heads for the hospital. Gregory arranges to take Trey for the day. When Olivia arrives, Gregory accuses her of keeping Trey from him, and then let her think that he was just talking about her smothering him. After he leaves, Caitlin tells Olivia that Gregory knows that Trey isn't her biological son. Not knowing that his son could be the father, AJ tells Cole that he thinks that Olivia's baby is still alive. AJ asks Cole to help him find Olivia's baby. Cole agrees that the circumstances around Olivia's "miscarriage" don't add up and promises to help him find the baby. Annie pretends to be a new employee at the lab, but the lab attendant recognizes her. The lab attendant, whose name is Russell Meek – nicknamed "The Pencil-Necked Geek" reminds Annie that she tortured him through their entire senior year of high school and threatens to call hospital security. However, he backs down when Annie offers to do something for Russell if he does something for her. Russell promises to tell Gregory that the test wasn't a match. Gregory arrives for the test.
Casey and Maria see each other for the first time since she regained her memory. She tells Casey that she's not giving Ben a divorce. Casey tells Maria that he thinks that Ben belongs with Meg. Meg asks Ben if he wants her to stay because he misses her or because he doesn't want to be alone with Maria. Meg said that Ben needed time to examine his feelings for Maria. Meg walks in on Casey defending Meg and Ben's relationship to Maria. Casey takes Meg's suitcase and they leave. Maria asks Ben to help her set up the studio. She also says that she wants to move into the spare bedroom. Ben admits that he had hoped that he could convince Meg to move into the spare bedroom. Maria draws a picture of her and Ben kissing. When Ben asks to see it she throws it away and goes upstairs. Sara tells Tim that since Maria got her memory back, she's refused to give Ben a divorce and Meg has moved back into Surf Central. Tim promises Sara that he'll win Meg's heart and that he won't lose her a second time. Sara has a succession of romantic fantasies about Meg and Casey. Casey returns her key to Meg.

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