Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 12

Episode 514

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Caitlin fantasizes that when Cole goes to see AJ, a negligee-clad Francesca smooches him up. Cole and AJ try to find Dr. Brock, but he isn't listed in the San Francisco phone book. Just after Cole leaves, Caitlin calls looking for him. AJ tells her that he doesn't know where Cole has gone. Olivia calls Gregory. When she overhears Nurse Stacy yelling at him to turn off his phone, she realizes that he's taken Trey to the hospital. Gregory promises to make Trey his son no matter what the paternity test says. Russell tells Annie that she couldn't know what it's like to be hated by someone she really cared about, so she tells him about how she always wanted Del to love her, but that he never did. She offers to make all of the awful things she did to him up to him, if he'll help her. When Olivia comes to find Gregory, Nurse Stacy tells her that she saw Gregory outside the lab. A doctor begins performing the blood test. Olivia interrupts them. Cole comes to talk to Bette about the night that Olivia lost the baby. He tells her that the baby might not be dead. Bette argues with him, saying that Olivia couldn't have faked her grief when she lost the baby, and Cole replies that she might not have known that her baby was alive. He tells her that he's looking for Olivia's baby because AJ wants to find him for her.
Bette gives Cole the name of Dr. Brock's nurse -- Florence Kennedy. Cole tells Caitlin that he took the job with AJ and is being sent out of town on a business trip. Caitlin says that she is going with him, but he convinces her not to come with him by pointing out that Trey has an ear infection and that they shouldn't both be gone at the same time. Bette overhears AJ telling Francesca that Cole isn't interested in her, and her response that maybe AJ is interested in her. When she confronts Francesca about this, Francesca says that sleeping with several members of the same family is Cole's territory – not hers, which proves to Bette that Francesca knows about Cole and Olivia's affair. Tyus tells Michael that he won't be leaving Sunset Beach. He tried to convince Michael that both he and Vanessa would take that night back if they could, but Michael doesn't believe that Tyus means it. Vanessa and Meg tell Casey about the night Vanessa and Tyus took the hallucinogen. Virginia tells Vanessa that she has an idea to help her get back together with Michael – putting her baby up for adoption. When she refuses, Virginia suggests that perhaps she willingly slept with Tyus. Casey stops Michael and Tyus from coming to blows. Casey tells Michael that he knows that Tyus is the father of Vanessa's baby. He tries to make Michael understand how difficult it was for Vanessa to tell Michael the truth. Vanessa comes home to find Michael moving out.

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