Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 18

Episode 520

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Cole comes to see Francesca telling her that she hasn't been acting like herself, and that he knows that she is planning to use AJ to get to him. He tells her that his life would be meaningless without Caitlin and Trey, and she says that she could make his life worthwhile. When Cole says that he hopes that they could be friends, Francesca says that she could never go back to being just friends with him. He says that no one can ever change the way he feels about Caitlin. After he left, she says that Gregory will change the way he feels, and then she'd have him back -- even if it kills her.
Ricardo asks Gabi if Antonio has bought into Carmen's theory that Gabi is in love with another man, which makes her ask him if he was starting to doubt her. Francesca tells AJ that she is there to look for a job, and that she got lost on her way to personnel, but AJ doesn't buy it. Francesca kisses AJ, and Cole walks in on them. When AJ tells Cole that Francesca came on to him to make him forget that she was snooping around in his office, Cole says that Francesca was looking at the floor plans to plan to break into the guests' rooms once the resort opens. Francesca silently congratulates herself for misleading Cole and AJ about her real reasons for being in his office. AJ chews out security for letting Francesca into the resort. When AJ says that he was going to look for bugs, Cole talks him out of it, saying that electronics really aren't Francesca's thing. Cole warns AJ that Francesca will turn his anger towards her into passion. After thinking about kissing Francesca, AJ calls Olivia to tell her that he loves her. Carmen reads the cards, shouts, "Mi hijo! No!" and dashes from the room. Antonio told Maria that he is the other man that Carmen is convinced is in love with Gabi. Maria tells Antonio that he will still love Gabi in Guatemala, and he says that it will remove the temptation. Antonio and Maria say their farewells. Carmen tells Antonio that he has to leave before it is too late. Francesca checks to make sure that the hookup is working. Gerard overhears Gabi telling AJ that she should catch the embezzler by the next day. He calls Karen to tell her that he is going to go through with their contingency plan in case he gets caught. Karen unsuccessfully tries to talk him out of it. Karen goes to the police department to speak to someone because someone was in danger. Gerard stands outside AJ's office brandishing a knife.
Tyus suggests that Vanessa take Lamaze classes and offers to be her coach -- if she would let him. When she says that she needs some more time to think about it, he says that she needs to focus more on the baby, who will need a full time father, and that Michael won't be that person. Michael shows Virginia the letter, asking her why she was at Dr. Green's office the previous day. She tries to explain away her presence by telling Michael that there is a woman in a mouthwash commercial who looks just like her, but when Michael doesn't buy it, she says that she was there to give Dr. Green a piece of her mind for deceiving Vanessa. Michael pretends to believe this story. Michael eavesdrops when Virginia leaves a threatening message on Dr. Green's answering machine. Michael tells Dr Green that Virginia sent him to get another letter.

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