Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 20

Episode 522

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Virginia tells Michael that Tyus has to be the father of Vanessa's baby because Michael is sterile. When she insists that Vanessa and Tyus have been carrying on behind his back, he said that he never wants to see her again -- except for when he visits Jimmy, because Jimmy needs him more than ever, now that he knows what Virginia is really like. Vanessa arrives for an appointment, and finds Virginia and the crumpled letter. She demands an explanation, and Virginia says that she'll never have Michael. Michael comes to apologize to Vanessa, but she isn't there. He vows that he is going to find her.
Meg tells Vanessa that she may have made the worst mistake of her life when she told Ben that he needed to make a decision. She feels that by issuing the ultimatum, she pushed Ben into Maria's arms. Meg tells Casey and Sara that Ben and Maria have gone away together. Sara suggests that the three of them go away together -- to the same hotel that Ben and Maria are staying at. Casey and Sara talk Meg into going. After they leave, Sara calls Tim and tells him that her part of the plan is coming into place. Maria wants to have romantic reminiscenses with Ben, but he keeps thinking about Meg. Maria tells him to go to Meg, since he wants her so much. Maria packs a sexy nightie to wear in Palm Springs – just in case. After she packs it away, Ben comes into the room and reminds Maria that he can't promise her that anything will come of their trip. Maria reminds Ben that their suite has two bedrooms. He says that he'll be as open as he can be for whatever happens. Ben and Maria go to the Java Web to pick up coffee for their trip. Ben sees Meg and approaches her. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him again until he's made a decision. He explains that he and Maria need to spend some time together away from Sunset Beach to sort things out between them. Casey overhears Sara and Tim plotting together. He tells her that he knows that she is hiding something from him. She says that she was calling a friend to see if she could come to Meg's party. Casey admits that he is having trouble finding people to come to the party, and says that he and she could do something for Meg. They go to the Java Web to check on Meg.
Antonio and Gabi are knocked unconscious by falling rubble. Antonio fishes Gabi out from under the debris. Ricardo tries to dig them out, but a fireman stops him because he would bring the building down on top of them. When Karen shows up, Ricardo confronts her about why she didn't warn him. He threatens her if Gabi is hurt. Karen tries to justify her silence by telling Ricardo about confessing to Antonio, which tells Ricardo that he has two people to rescue – his girlfriend and his brother. When Gabi panics at the thought that they might die, Antonio reassures her that they aren't going to die. When Gabi gets cold, Antonio holds her to warm her up.

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