Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 23

Episode 525

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Annie has a nightmare that Cole and Gregory are throwing knives at her. When she wakes up, she realizes that if the truth comes out about Trey, Gregory will kill her and make it look like she committed suicide. Bette walks in as she packs to leave. Bette tells her niece that she knows that Annie's marriage is over, and that she feels bad for her, even if she never wanted her to marry him in the first place. She also tells Annie that she needs to make sure that Gregory gives her a healthy divorce settlement. Caitlin walks in while Cole is calling the cell phone company pretending to be Gregory to ask them what phone calls Annie has made in the last year. While holding Trey in his arms, Cole tells Caitlin that AJ asked him to find Olivia's baby, but he is reluctant to tell her more. Caitlin asks what will happen to AJ and Olivia's relationship if Cole were to find the baby. When Bette gets a phone call that Gabi and Antonio are trapped, Bette and Caitlin leave for the resort. Caitlin leaves a note for Cole which Annie intercepts. She tells Cole that she is going to tell Caitlin about his affair with Olivia unless he agrees to not pry any more into her dealings with Brock.
When Ben accuses Meg of following him, she explains that she had just come there to get away from Sunset Beach. Ben reluctantly offers to give her a ride so that she can call a tow truck, but then his car won't start. When he continues to insist that she followed him, she reminds him that she promised to stay away from him until he made a decision. She asks if he could call a tow truck from his cell phone, and he says that he could, except he left his cell phone in the hotel room. They end up having to walk to get help in the rain. Meg and Ben take shelter in an abandoned house, where Ben explains a Native American wedding tradition to Meg. Ben and Meg kiss. Francesca tells Gregory that she won't have anything to do with AJ unless he gives her an advance on the five million he promised her. Caitlin walks in on Gregory and Francesca conspiring. Ricardo suggests that since the building backed up against the caves, they could get in through the beach caves. Gabi and Antonio make love. Ricardo, Casey and Hank reach the other side of the beach cave wall from Ricardo and Gabi. Just as Antonio promises to love Gabi forever, they hear Ricardo calling out for them.

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