Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 26

Episode 528

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Virginia told Jimmy that they had to get packed and leave pronto. When he responded that he didn't want to leave, she said that she made a big mistake and the only thing to do for it was to move on. She told him to go to the bus station and pick up bus tickets to Portland, Oregon. She rationalized what she was doing was trying to help Jimmy keep his mother, because he had lost his father. Michael arrived and refused to let Virginia have the tickets. He told her that her plan to leave town had reduced Jimmy to tears, so Michael told him that they weren't leaving and sent him to school. Michael told Virginia that Vanessa lost the baby, and dragged her to the hospital to tell Tyus that she raped Vanessa and impregnated her with Tyus' sperm. Tyus broke the news to Vanessa that she miscarried. When Gabi and Antonio were comforting Vanessa, she said that she feared that she lost Michael permanently when she failed to tell him the truth as soon as she found out, because you can't lie to someone you love and expect them to forgive you. Michael brought Virginia to the hospital to face Tyus and Vanessa.
Meg interrupted Sara and Casey kissing when she came by to tell them that she and Ben got back together, saying that that it was fate that led them back to each other. Sara realized that if anyone knew that it was her conspiracy with Tim, not fate, that led Meg back into Ben's arms, she'd lose Casey for certain. She fantaforbidden>Antonio told Ricardo that he did something terrible, and was about to confess, but Maria interrupted them. Antonio continued to try to tell Ricardo the truth, but Gabi stopped him, saying that they all survived, and was all that mattered. Tyus told Antonio, Ricardo, Maria and Gabi that Vanessa miscarried and asked Antonio to speak with her. Gabi asked if she could come along, since she and Vanessa are friends. After Gabi and Antonio left to visit Vanessa, Maria asked Ricardo what was bothering him, and he replied that wished he knew, but that it was more than that Antonio nearly died. He told her that Antonio said that he deserved to die. Antonio prayed for forgiveness, clutching a crucifix until his hands bled. Gabi told Antonio that he can't punish himself forever, to which he replied that he had to make amends. They disagreed over whether to tell Ricardo the truth – Antonio for, and Gabi against. Antonio was making one last stab at trying to convince Gabi to tell the truth when Ricardo walked in saying that he knew what they were talking about.

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