Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 27

Episode 529

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Vanessa told Tyus that Virginia killed her baby. When Michael told Tyus how Virginia inseminated Vanessa at Ben & Meg's wedding, Tyus lost his temper with Virginia. Vanessa remembered how Virginia nearly confessed to giving her Martin's Syndrome during the earthquake, and pressured Virginia to tell them what she had been talking about. Virginia confessed to burning down the cabin and to having sped up the progress of Vanessa's Martin's Syndrome. Virginia grabbed hold of Michael, apparently convinced that when he didn't shake her off, it meant that he loved her. Meg came to see Vanessa, who told her that things will never be the same again. Vanessa told Meg about Virginia's confession. Tyus told Michael that wanted to speak to him. Michael refused, but Casey convinced him to do it for Jimmy. Virginia said that she did it all to get Vanessa out of his heart to make room for her.
Meg told Tim that she and Ben are back together. When Tim demanded an explanation, Meg told him that Ben rescued her and one thing led to another and they got back together. Tim told Meg that it just wasn't fate that got them back together but, fortunately for Sara, Meg wouldn't listen to him. Michael called Casey to tell him that Vanessa lost the baby. After Meg left, Sara realized that Tim intended to have Meg catch Ben and Maria together, so that he could manipulate Meg, and she lost her temper. When Ben stopped her, Maria said that she wished that she'd died. Maria said that Ben had promised that he would try to work on their relationship that night, and instead he spent the night with Meg. She told him that she would never believe anything that Ben says again.Maria told Ben that he was no longer the man she married. Maria said that Meg saved Ben from his heartache and asked who was going to save her. Maria said that she wanted to move out, and asked Ben to help her pack. While he was upstairs getting started, gone, Maria mourned their life together, lost her temper and ran out. Tim pointed out to Sara that she helped him in his plot scheme. Maria came to see Meg.
Ricardo leapt to the assumption that Gabi was there to say a prayer of thanks for their survival, but Antonio tried, once again, to tell Ricardo the truth. Ricardo got called in to work and told his brother that God will forgive him for whatever he wanted to confess to. When Antonio told Gabi that he had to tell Ricardo how he feels, she asked if he wanted to leave the priesthood for her. Antonio said that it had never occurred to him to leave the priesthood. They talked about their options, and Gabi asked him to give her warning before telling Ricardo. Gabi left and Antonio prayed for guidance. While praying, Antonio had a vision. Ricardo promised never to let go of Gabi.

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