Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 28

Episode 530

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

AJ planned a Valentine's Day surprise for Olivia. AJ caught Francesca planting the surveillance equipment in his room. Cole startled Olivia by mentioning Dr. Brock's name, and she explained that it was only because Dr. Brock delivered her stillborn baby. When he tried to make her understand how badly he wanted to find her baby, she told him that there was no chance of getting her baby back. She begged him to let it go, but he would only go so far as to promise her that he would make sure that no one would be hurt by his investigation. He decided that Olivia was hiding something, and that Annie knew what it was. AJ was in the process of throwing Francesca out when he kissed her. Olivia walked in on them. Annie decided to tell Cole that keeping his mouth shut about the baby switch will be the only way to keep his family together.
Tim reminded Sara that she has always been jealous of Meg and suggested that she and Casey hadn't gone to Palm Springs because she lied to him to keep him in Sunset Beach. Sara's guilt got worse when Casey told her that he felt like he could trust someone for the first time in a long time. Casey told Sara that Michael and Vanessa broke up because she failed to tell him something important – the fact that Tyus was the father of her baby. Sara wondered if he would be able to stop loving her because of something she did wrong. Tim tried to get Sara to get him a job. Ben told Annie that he and Meg have gotten back together. Maria accused Meg of stealing Ben from her, and Meg replied that she didn't have to. Maria said that she was supportive of Ben and Meg before she remembered how much she had to lose. They apologized to each other. Ben and Annie walked in just as they hugged and made up.
Meg told Ben that she felt sorry for Maria, because she knew what it was like to lose him. Ben told Meg that he had a big surprise for her. Annie tried to convince Maria not to give up. Annie considered her options -- making a pass at Cole or playing on his sympathy. Maria moved out. Someone called and hung up when she got the answering machine. Antonio asks if God came to him because he broke his vows, and He said that He's there because Antonio needed Him. God told Antonio to atone for his sins. Antonio asked God if He could see a way for him to atone without hurting anyone else.

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