Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 32

Episode 534

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Tyus told Michael that they were sending Virginia to Cedar Oaks. Vanessa said she didn't want them to press charges against Virginia because she didn't want Jimmy to lose his mother. She said that sending Virginia to jail wouldn't bring her baby back. Tyus told her that he would never forgive Virginia for killing the baby. While Dr. Estrada ran an electroencephalogram ("EEG") on Virginia, Virginia reminisced about the things she did to Vanessa. Dr. Estrada looked at the EEG results and said that Virginia has had a breakdown. After Dr. Estrada left the room, Virginia escaped from her straitjacket.
Caitlin said that she couldn't give blood to Trey because she had a cold. When the doctor said that she should be fine unless she had strep or the flu, she changed her story. She explained that she didn't want to get Trey sick, and Dr. Manning reassured her that they would check to make sure that she wasn't sick before giving it to Trey. Gregory heard Caitlin saying that she wished he were there and said that she was on her own this time. Caitlin admitted that she's not Trey's mother.
When they heard Ricardo and Antonio on the porch, Francesca sneaked out the back door. Ricardo told Gabi that Antonio wasn't leaving Sunset Beach. Ricardo noticed the light on the answering machine blinking and told Gabi that the answering machine records phone calls and that they would have to play the tape to erase it. Antonio distracted Ricardo, and Gabi got rid of the tape, found a blank tape and stuck it in the answering machine. When Ricardo and Antonio return, she said that he had a call from the station. Ricardo gave their father's medal to Antonio. After Ricardo left, Gabi told Antonio about Francesca's threats.
The person who attacked Annie was Olivia. When Annie noticed that Olivia was crying, she asked if it had anything to do with AJ. AJ showed up and asked to speak to Olivia alone. He encouraged her to fight for what they have. Annie ran into Francesca in the elevator. AJ declared his love for Olivia, but she wouldn't listen. After the two women fight about their respective connections to Gregory, Annie fantasized about pushing Francesca down the elevator shaft. AJ found a gun and thought about killing Francesca with it. Antonio came to see Francesca. Annie suggested to Olivia that they destroy Francesca.

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