Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 36

Episode 538

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

When a sedated Caitlin begged Sean to get Cole, Sean berated Gregory for breaking them up. Caitlin had a nightmare about Cole taking Trey from her Emily walked in while Sean was comforting his sister. Cole told Olivia that he tied Annie up so that she wouldn't go anywhere while he looked for her. Cole acted distant when telling Olivia that he wanted some straight answers, and that he couldn't trust Annie. When Trey cried, Cole sent Olivia to deal with him. Cole tells Annie that he's going to tell Olivia that he knows that Trey isn't Caitlin's son. When he saw Olivia holding Trey, he tells her to put their son down. Gregory returned home and found Annie tied to the bed. He didn't untie her, but used the baby monitor to eavesdrop on Olivia and Cole's conversation. Cole reminisced about the day that he thought that Caitlin had given birth to Trey. He demanded to know how Olivia could have let him raise their baby thinking that Caitlin was his mother.
Gregory went to the hospital, leaving Annie still tied up. Olivia told him that she didn't know that Trey was her baby until the christening and that she let Caitlin keep the baby for Caitlin's sake. When Cole pressured her to admit that she never claimed Trey because she didn't want the truth about their affair to come out, she asked him if he was in any hurry to let Caitlin find out. Gregory let himself overhear Olivia and Cole's conversation, pretending to be hurt. Francesca incurred AJ's wrath when she refused to admit to Olivia that she pursued him. She told him that she could tell how much he wanted her.
Antonio chased Francesca out of the confessional, insisting that she couldn't ruin Ricardo and Gabi's lives. Emily walked in on them. Francesca suggested that he wanted Ricardo to find out so that he could have Gabi to himself. Francesca told Antonio that her whole plot is to get Cole back. Antonio fantasized about how hurt Ricardo would be if he found out about sleeping with Gabi, and vowed that it would never happen. Gabi convinced Ricardo that she was in the evidence room to get a file. She realized that she had to put the money back, or they'd realize that she took it, but the safe was locked shut. After she took the box and left, Ricardo told Spence that the money had been sent to the DA's office. When Gabi opened the box, she found it empty of everything except a gun. When AJ told Bette about his fight with Olivia, she tried, unsuccessfully, to convince AJ that he could have just not kissed Francesca. AJ stormed out, insisting that he had to make things better.

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