Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 40

Episode 542

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Francesca told Cole that she saw his car in the parking lot and wanted to see what he was doing there. When she offered to do anything she could to help, he said that it was too late to help. He admitted that Trey wasn't his son, but told her that he couldn't leave Caitlin. When Francesca realized that if Cole forgave Caitlin, she would never get Cole back, she decided to turn Caitlin against Cole.
A nurse told Sean and Emily that Caitlin had escaped. Olivia asked Caitlin if she really believed that she, Cole and Trey were going to live happily ever after, and she finally convinced her daughter to face the truth -- that Trey isn't her son. Annie told Gregory that she knew that he isn't Trey's father -- Cole is. He denied it, but she said that she was there for the first paternity test, and said that she'd keep his secret as long as he doesn't send her to jail. Gregory and Annie watched as Caitlin returned Trey to Olivia. Annie told Olivia that she wasn't going to jail, because Gregory was going to get her immunity from prosecution. Sean called to tell Gregory that Caitlin escaped. Gregory told him that she was at home and he told his father that he wished he'd never helped Caitlin get a baby. Caitlin got a call from Francesca saying that Cole was in her hotel room and that she'd better come to get him. Cole confessed to having an affair with Olivia to the back of a rocking chair which turned out to be Olivia, not Caitlin. Olivia told him not to tell Caitlin the truth, because the truth would destroy her. Emily asked what Sean meant when he said that he wished he hadn't helped Caitlin, and he told her the story. Caitlin arrived and Francesca told her that there's something she needs to know about Cole.
Michael and Vanessa saw each other when they both came to visit Virginia. Vanessa told him that she's been having nightmares about Virginia, and that she wanted to come to see her in hopes that they would stop. While Vanessa talked to her, Virginia slipped out of the straitjacket. Virginia attacked Vanessa and tried to wrestle her into the straitjacket, but Tyus and Michael rescued Vanessa from Virginia. Vanessa asked Michael if he still cared about her.

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