Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 42

Episode 544

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

The DA offered immunity for Annie in exchange for an affidavit saying that Dr. Brock kidnapped Trey. Gregory told Annie that once she couldn't threaten him about Trey's paternity any more, he'd kick her out. When Maria told Annie that she was going to the Dominican Republic to give Ben a divorce, Annie said that she shouldn't have given up on Ben, just like she wasn't going to give up on Gregory. Maria tried to convince Annie that she shouldn't focus all of her efforts on Gregory. Annie, who just reassured herself that as long as Gregory can keep Trey, she'll be fine, overheard Francesca making her plans to leave town, saying that she needed a car seat for a one-year-old in the car. When Gregory refused to pay her, Francesca reaffirmed her resolve to get Trey away from Gregory and use him to lure Cole out of town with her. Threatening to kill Francesca, Cole searched her room but didn't find her.
Sara and Casey were smooching. When she sent him away to get drinks for them, her parents approached her, saying that they knew why she was so happy -- she must have heard that Ben and Meg were eloping. When Casey heard about the elopement, he bolted. When Hank and Joan told Tim that Ben and Meg were eloping, Tim reassured them that he wasn't still after Meg. He admitted that he always wanted to marry Meg, and Joan told him that he'd find love with someone else. Sara asked if Casey was unhappy that Ben and Meg were getting married, admitting she was jealous of Meg. Casey told her that he came home for Meg's passport. Sara and Casey made love.
Sean tried to explain that he helped Caitlin fake her pregnancy because she had always been there for him, and it was the least he could do to be there for her, as well. Brad told Amy that Sean and Emily were having trouble. Sean told Emily that he met Trey's birth mother and that she told him that she wanted to give him up. Emily asked for some time to think and then she left. Thinking that it's a lie that Cole slept with Olivia, Caitlin apologized for accusing him, but Cole stopped her and admitted that he slept with Olivia. Although Cole and Olivia tried to explain that they didn't know who the other one was when they were intimate, Caitlin lost her temper. Olivia and Cole fought about whether he should have told Caitlin the truth. He pointed out that Francesca had already told Caitlin the truth and then left to see Francesca. Olivia walked in on Caitlin while she was visiting Trey. Caitlin told her mother that she should have been there for her, like she had always been there for her mother. She said that she hated Olivia and that she would never forgive her. Caitlin told Trey that Olivia may have given birth to her, but that she didn't deserve him, and that she'd kill anyone who tried to take him from her. Olivia decided that she should have killed Francesca while she had the chance.

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