Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 43

Episode 545

Aired Unknown Mar 09, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Gabi tried to convince herself it was time to do "it," when Antonio came up behind her and asked what it was time to do. Gabi told Antonio that she was there to get the money -- because it was their only choice. They overheard Ricardo telling Spence that the money had been sent to the DA's office. Bette bailed AJ out. They returned AJ's things to him -- including his gun. Ricardo told Antonio and Gabi that they had arrested AJ for trying to kill Francesca. Antonio realized that more people were out to get Francesca. Gabi bolted, but before Antonio could follow her, Ricardo stopped him. Ricardo told Antonio that he was looking at moving into the new condos. He gushed about how wonderful it is to be in love, then apologized because Antonio didn't know what it was like to be in love. When Ricardo left his desk, Antonio took off. When Annie told Francesca that she knew that she was planning to take Trey with her, Francesca denied it, but Annie didn't buy it. Annie had 1940s detective movie fantasy in which her immunity was revoked and Gregory had abandoned her.
While trashing Francesca's hotel room, Cole found Olivia's gun, which he picked up, unloaded and reloaded. Francesca returned home to find Cole holding the gun on her. When she said that she knew that he wouldn't use the gun, he shot a bullet off. He told her that he was going to kill her because she interfered with his life. After he left, Francesca vowed that he'd know the truth about Trey that night. When Annie told Caitlin that Francesca was trying to steal both Cole and Trey, Caitlin asked why Annie was telling her this. Cole interrupted, ordering Annie to stay away from Caitlin. When Francesca sneaked in to kidnap Trey, Caitlin heard her on the baby monitor. After Annie and Caitlin vowed that they were going to kill Francesca and left, Francesca called Cole and told him that she had Trey. Someone that Francesca recognized came in and fired a gun at her. Carmen made another unsuccessful attempt to convince Maria that she shouldn't get the divorce. Ben presented Meg with her pearls again. They made love. When she arrived, Maria told Meg and Ben that she wanted her journal, to see if it would help her remember her missing five years. While looking for her journal, Maria was overcome by sadness. Ben told her that she would always be welcome there, but she responded that she would never be back. Tess came to see Ben and brought Benjy, with her, who asked if the house was where his daddy lives.

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